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About Heirloom Roses

What makes Heirloom Roses Different?

Heirloom’s Own Root Roses

Our own-root roses are first year cuttings grown and shipped in special pots, 6" deep by 3" wide, designed for tree seedlings. The pot allows a strong root system to develop and the rose will not experience the transplant shock bare-root roses do. The rose itself is about 8 - 10" above the soil line of the pot. The own-root roses you will receive are smaller than budded roses and grow very rapidly.

Own Root Roses Provide the Following:

  • Healthier Plants
  • More Blooms
  • True to Type
  • No Virus
  • More Winter Hardy
  • Long Life
  • No Root Stock Suckers

Friendly and Knowledgeable Year-Round Office Staff

Every attempt is made by our staff to answer all calls in person. Occasionally you will get a pre-recorded message when they are assisting other customers. You will be given our toll free number (800-820-0465) to call again and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Our office staff will be happy to help you with an order and answer your questions about roses and their care. In the event we cannot answer your questions we may be able to direct you to another resource for your inquiries.

All Our Roses are Virus-Free

Heirloom Roses has been a leader in bringing virus problems to the attention of the public and industry. Virus-free roses are healthier, more winter hardy, produce up to 20% more blooms and are more disease resistant.

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Own Root Roses

All roses shipped and sold from Heirloom Roses are on their own roots, with an occasional stock plant sold at the nursery where they are clearly marked as budded. (This may be a stock plant acquired from a reputable source that monitors for rose virus).We do not ship these roses under any circumstances.

Own root roses are more profuse blooming, more winter hardy and there is no root stock to contend with

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Comments from Customers

We love hearing from our customers about their experiences with our roses.

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