Meet the New Owners!

Meet the New Owners

A Letter from Ben Hanna

Ben and Kara Hanna Ben and Kara Hanna

Growing up, I spent endless days working in the yard with my parents on our small farm in Sherwood, OR-pulling weeds, pruning trees and taking care of our cows.  It all seemed like a lot of hard work, and at times, not a lot of fun.  I don't know when it happened, but at some point this hard work turned into something enjoyable and developed into a passion I am blessed to share with my wife and family today.

I suppose my love for gardening stems from roots that were deeply planted in my family before I was born. My grandfather had a passion for roses, and they filled his yard.  My mom also had a yard full of roses; the sweet smell of Medallion filled the air near the front door of our home. Today, my wife, Kara, and I continue to love gardening. A perfect day for us is a day spent working in our yard or greenhouse.

Prior to purchasing Heirloom Roses, I spent 11 years at an electronics company, overseeing manufacturing and business development. Both of these experiences required extensive travel and time away from home. With five young children at home, I needed to not only make a career change but a lifestyle change. As the new owners of Heirloom Roses, we are very blessed to have my professional experience and my passion for gardening meld together. We are also fortunate to have our children spend time with us at the nursery to pass on a legacy of loving plants, especially roses!

I have heard from many people that they love plants, but they are scared to start with roses because "roses are hard work and fussy." I hope we can dispel that myth over time-building off the Heirloom Roses tradition of growing high quality plants that are hardy, healthy and easy to grow and maintain.

As we start a new season at Heirloom Roses, we are committed to preserving the roots of Heirloom Roses. We are committed to serving our customers and listening to their needs. We are committed to providing the largest variety of quality, own-root roses. We are committed and excited to share  the legacy of Heirloom Roses with many generations of rose growers and reach out to people who have yet to experience the joy and passion of growing roses.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with more of our Heirloom Roses' community members.

Ben Hanna

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  • Wish I lived closer so I could visit this wonderful places. Congratulations on your new business and I look forward to making my spring order.

  • Thank you for the 2014 catalog. It has a great new look and feel and the pictures are fabulous!

    Warm wishes,


  • Hi, I became a customer of Heirloom Roses this past year. I was planning a prayer garden in memory of my daughter who died unexpectedly at age 32 in 2010. I shared the plans and pictures of roses ordered for the garden with my youngest daughter, and she commented about how beautiful and special it would be. Little did I know that she would also die a few months later, also at age 32. The garden is now in place, and the roses bloomed all summer. I know they will continue to give us comfort and enjoyment for many years to come...they literally traveled from west coast to east coast successfully. This is my first experience growing roses. The garden has wonderstripe, Baby love, Acapella, and morning has broken.

  • Congrats! Love the site, I always help my grandmother with her roses. Would love to learn more about when to prune et cetera

  • Welcome aboard! Heirloom roses is my "happy place" that I don't often get to now that I live several states away. However, the roses I have purchased (and stashed in my airline luggage to get home) are still gorgeous in my yard. In fact, I still have a few blooms. I am sure you'll continue the commitment to quality that has me willing to go to such extreme measures to obtain your products!

  • I have been buying roses from Heirloom for several years now and must say they have the healthiest roses. I have never lost one to disease or the weather for that matter as their recommendations for the appropriate roses for my area are right on the mark. I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor and hope you will continue to provide the same quality roses as the Clements

  • Welcome!!!! I know you will be happy here...I have spent many good hours and days there when Louise and John were in charge. It is a magical place. I will pass the word along to our rose world down here. The best of luck!!! Bill Grant, Aptos, CA

  • Suellen Rampacek March 21, 2016 at 12:41 am

    Very recently ordered my first ever "own root" rose. Living in Florida I've always used the Fortuniana rootstock for disease and insect protection. I look forward to trying your type. I have a ladder covered swing and envision a cascade of gorgeous, fragrant roses covering the spindles.

  • You are doing a wonderful job so far! I love this site and look here for roses first! Keep it up!

  • Jane A. Klorer March 23, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Recently placed my first order with your company! Looking forward to getting them home ! Have so much work to do in the garden this year and live in the Northeast and winter seems to be here now? Crazy weather! My rose garden is a sacred to me place where I go to relax and remember my many dogs who have passed! There is a warm feeling to your company! Thanks for being there! I do not do FB anymore and wish that you would start a place for people to share their favorite photos of roses bought from you ! Maybe I missed it ? Think it would be a nice site as you do seem so caring ! Thank You! JK

  • I have been growing roses for over 45 years (started when I was 21.)

    Last year was the first time that I
    ordered roses from Heirloom, and
    I was delighted.

    (In the past, I had purchased roses from Jackson & Perkins, White Flower Farm, and local nurseries on
    Long Island.)

    You roses were at least as good--sometimes better--and I appreciate both the wide selection and the way you grow them.

    This year, weather has been so unpredictable, yet the two roses I ordered arrived today (April 6) in
    great condition.

    Leafy, dark green and happy!

    A note to other gardeners:
    For the past 29 years I have been
    growing 10-15 hybrid teas on a my terrace in Manhattan, N.Y..

    Yes--you can grow roses in NYC.! You just need sun, water, and a liquid fertilizer that also guards against fungus.

    Once the soil is solidly frozen, I lay Christmas tree branches over them to protect
    them from the freeze /thaw cycles.

    In late winter, I prune them. (See Google on how to prune)

    That’s it.

    All of this would work equally well growing roses in large pots on patios anywhere.

    As you say, roses are not that difficult. You just need to follow their fairly simple rules.--and you need a terrace or patio that gets plenty of sun.

    Thank you.

  • I spent long years in my grandma's farm too as a little girl. My love for roses and other plants rooted from those years. I just ordered my first 2 Heirloom Roses and absolutely excited to grow them!

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