Heirloom Roses offers a wide range of beautiful, own-root, virus-free rose plants for your garden.

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  • Country Dancer

    Rose-red buds open into a rich pink-coral, semi-double 4" blooms that are borne in profusion on strong stems in small clusters. Nicely perfumed with a raspberry/fruity scent. A bushy continual blooming plant with dark green foliage. Winter hardy in Iowa without protection. 25 petals. Learn More
  • El Catala

    Dark red and silver pink buds open slowly into cupped double 4 1/2" blooms (petals 24) of crimson and silver. The flowers appear one at a time and in clusters of up to 8 on a continually blooming bush and are sweetly fragrant. Winter hardy in Iowa without protection. Learn More
  • Carefree Celebration

    Orange, orange-red and peach double cupped bloom form. Medium green, matte foliage. Bloom 2-2.5", Petal 17-25 Learn More

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  • Malaguena

    The naming of this rose reflects Dr. Buck's love of music. 'Malaguena's' long pointed pink buds open into cupped blooms of medium pink. Winter hardy in Iowa without protection. Learn More
  • Freckles

    Lovely urn shaped buds open into double cup shaped blooms. Soft coral pink heavily striped on the inner surface of the rose with dark claret. The blooms are borne singularly and in clusters of 5-10 with nice sweet scent. Large leathery foliage is dark copper green. Winter hardy in Iowa without protection. Learn More
  • Hermina

    Pink blend shrub, with dark green shiny foliage. The pointed buds open to 2-1/2 to 3" double (petals 30-35 ), shallow cupped to flat blooms which are red with a white reverse aging to Neron rose with white reverse. The blooms, borne singly and in clusters of 3-6 have a light rose fragrance. Learn More
  • Distant Drums

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    A wonderful rose with one of the most unique colorings in rosedom. Bred from 'September Song' X 'The Yeoman'. Large, cupped, fully double 4" blooms with ruffled petals are bronze-brown in the center shading to lavender toward the edges. A rare beauty. Heady, myrrh fragrance, an outstanding rose on a continually blooming upright bushy plant. 24+ petals. Learn More
  • La Reine

    Large, globular buds open into fully double, 4" cupped blooms (petals 40+) of silvery pink with undertones of lilac on a small bush (for its class.) Wonderfully fragrant. Repeat blooming upright and well foliaged plant. Very popular. One of the first Hybrid Perpetuals. Learn More
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