Heirloom Roses offers a wide range of beautiful, own-root, virus-free rose plants for your garden.

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  • Audrey Wilcox®

    The large 4-5" shapely blooms are dark cherry pink with a silver reverse. 'Audrey Wilcox' is blessed with intense rose/clove fragrance and is a perfectly formed, hybrid tea rose that stands erect on strong stems. Learn More
  • Beverly™

    This rose will stop you in your tracks and make you fall in love with its perfect light pink color and its over-the-top and exceptional fragrance. The citrus, fruity fragrance has been compared to the smell of oranges, peaches, pears and plums. Very full blooms with up to 45 petals are borne mostly solitary and have a high-centered bloom form. They grow on a tall (up to 32” tall and 20” wide), bushy and upright plant with healthy, dark green foliage. While the rose may look a gentle soul, it’s tough when it comes to fighting diseases – it offer good resistance to blackspot and mildew. There’s a reason why this rose has won so many medals around the world. Learn More
  • Black Lady™

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    This luscious rose is dark red and produces a  strong fragrance. Medium, double  bloom form.  Blooms in flushes continuously. A beautiful red rose to compliment other colors in the garden. Learn More
  • Cameo Perfume™

    Robert Harkness describes this this continual bloomer soft pink rose with 5" blooms as "exquisitely formed and blessed with truly marvelous fragrance.The loosely formed blooms are rounded. Rather less formal than some. A pleasure both in the garden and in the home". Learn More
  • Charity®

    Medium sized, shallowly-cupped flowers of true Old Rose character. The color is a soft apricot-yellow with the outer petals fading to palest yellow giving an attractive, two-tone effect. There is a very strong myrrh fragrance. It has excellent, bushy growth with very little disease and it repeat flowers regularly. Named on behalf of the National Gardens Scheme of England. A strong upright plant that is easy to grow. Learn More
  • Cinnamon Dolce

    This vigorous, upright plant produces exhibition-quality blooms. The blooms have a cup-like form with 30+ brick red petals and deep pink specks. Not only is it exceptionally fragrant, but the blossoms appear continuously throughout the season above dark green, semi-glossy foliage. As much as it is beautiful, it is also very disease resistance to mildew and rust, making this rose a great choice for Western climates. Learn More
  • Compassion®

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    Most beautiful, large 4", fully double blooms are a lovely shade of apricot, copper and gold which are produced in cascades. A profuse continual blooming climber that should find a spot in every garden. May also be grown as a large shrub similar to 'Westerland'. The marvelous honey/peach fragrance of 'Compassion' has earned it the RNRS winner of Edland Medal for fragrance. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Double Delight™®

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    Beautiful double blooms with an eye-catching color combination and fantastic fragrance. The large, somewhat informal, old-fashioned, 24-30 petals are of rich, creamy white edged strawberry red. Learn More
  • Firefighter®

    This rose can withstand intense heat and fights off diseases. Firefighter is an upright hybrid tea with small, semi-glossy, dark green foliage that provide the perfect backdrop to intensely red blooms. The exceptionally fragrant blooms have a high-centered form and approximately 40 large full petals borne mostly solitary. This repeat blooming rose is almost thornless, making it perfect for walkways, too. It grows to be 5-6’ tall and 3’ wide. Learn More
  • Forgotten Dreams

    From the United Kingdom comes this stunning red rose with strong, classic rose fragrance.  A hybrid tea with classic stature. Large beautiful blooms seem to appear effortlessly and last for days in the vase. Learn More
  • Fragrant Masterpiece™

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    Beautiful, 4-5" fully double blooms of blush pink, with 100 petals exudes a strong sweet fragrance. The blooms closely resemble 'Maiden's Blush' except they are larger and are continually produced from spring til fall. A great shrub rose to add to the class of fragrant roses. Learn More
  • Griff's Red

    Lovely, hybrid tea style 4" blooms (petals 25-30) of rich velvety red having a strong sweet/spice fragrance, produced on a vigorous continual blooming plant with rich green foliage. A must for those that grow "Buck" roses. Learn More
  • Heirloom

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    A rose that predates our nursery and is still going strong due to its color and sweet rose fragrance. Bred by William Warriner who was one of the world's top rose breeders. Semi-double 4-5" blooms (petals 20-25) of deep lilac-purple on a vigorous repeat blooming upright plant. Learn More
  • Heritage™®

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    A near perfect rose. Its classically shaped, old-fashioned rose blooms are a lovely, soft pink, which is perfect for this delicate, cup-shaped beauty. One of the most outstanding of the English Roses. Its medium sized 3 1/2" blooms (petals 30) are true perfection in form and fragrance, which has a strong heady fragrance with a touch of lemon. A vigorous, bushy plant with few thorns. Excellent repeat blooming characteristics. Performs well in partial shade and makes a great cut flower. Learn More
  • Lasting Love™

    Again from Tom Carruth: "Its been a while since a heavenly fragrant red hybrid tea has come around. 'Lasting Love' has a powerful perfume that will give 'Mr. Lincoln' a run for his money". Big showy 5" blooms (petals 25) of blended dusky red and dark pink glimmer against foliage so gloriously glossy it almost looks artificial. Learn More
  • Love Potion™

    Stunning high centered buds of deep purple-mauve open to 3 1/2" blooms atop graceful stems that can measure up to 14". The perfect cutting rose with an intense raspberry fragrance. Petals 26-40. Learn More
  • Lyda Rose™

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    Bred by Kleine Lettunich from `Francis E. Lester'. Named for her daughter and the song from The Music Man. The white blooms edged with lavender-pink have an ethereal appearance and the wonderful fragrance can be enjoyed even several feet from the bush. The apple-blossom-like 2" blooms (petals 5) appear in profusion on a spreading (petals 5) plant with rich green, disease resistant foliage. Will bloom profusely in shade. Learn More
  • Margaret Merril®

    This beauty is one of the most fragrant of all roses. Rated number one for fragrance by England's Royal National Roes Society ahead of all of the English Roses. Also rated in the top 4 among all cluster roses along with 'Icberg' and 'Sexy Rexy' (neither of which are fragrant). Peter Beales calls it "a superb rose". Its exquisite clear white 3 1/2" blooms (petals 29) are produced in small clusters on a sturdy continual blooming plant with dark-green foliage. If you are looking for a very fragrant white rose this is it. Winner of 5 Gold Medals. Learn More
  • Mme Ernest Calvat

    This wonderfully fragrant rose of medium pink with soft raspberry, violet overtones is a sport of 'Mme Isaac Pereire' with all its great attributes in a different color. Ideal for growing as a pair with 'Mme Isaac Pereire'. Learn More
  • Molineux®

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    Many petaled, golden yellow 4" blooms (petals 50+) that open wide to show deeply colored centers of a blending of peach and apricot. Exceptional freedom of bloom and a wonderful fruity fragrance. 'Molineux' is one of the more compact growing of Austin's roses and should be most useful in smaller gardens. A bushy plant that will bloom continually. Learn More
  • Neil Diamond

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    This rose is a diamond in the garden. Its classic rose fragrance sets the stage while its blooms take the show. Each bloom has a unique speckled and striped pattern, varying from dark raspberry to blush white. The blooms sit on top of long stems and are robed with medium green, glossy foliage. Not only does this rose have a punch of color, but it can also fight off powdery mildew and rust well. The long, pointed and elegant buds open up to double and classically formed flowers that have 40-50 petals on each bloom. This upright plant grows to about 5’ tall and 4’ wide. Learn More
  • Oklahoma

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    The color is so dark red that it is nearly black velvet in warm weather. Long pointed buds open into huge, fully double 5" blooms (petals 30+) that are extremely fragrant with wonderfully strong, sweet old rose perfume. The bushy continual blooming plant is covered with leathery, dark green foliage. A vigorous grower. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Reine Victoria

    Graham Thomas tells us the `La' should be dropped. Strongly fragrant. Wonderful cupped 3 1/2" blooms (petals 60+) of rose pink touched with lilac held in elegant grace above the foliage. Very slender upright repeat blooming growth. Learn More
  • Rosa Rugosa

    The original species from Japan. Blooms of reddish-purple followed by large, beautiful hips on a vigorous, easy-to-grow bush that thrives in poor conditions, even at the seashore. Great fragrance. Repeat blooming. Learn More

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  • Rosa Rugosa Alba

    The white form of the species, native to Japan and N.E. Asia. Large (4 in.) single, silky, purest white flowers with golden stamens. Very fragrant. In autumn the foliage turns yellow, making a striking sight with the huge, orange-red hips. Does well in poor soil conditions, even at the seashore. A most outstanding rose. Repeat Bloom, Bloom 4", Petals 5 Learn More

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  • Scent-Sation

    One of the most fragrant hybrid tea roses. High centered 5" blooms (petals 45) of impeccable form in a blend of creamy orange and soft peachy pink. Blossoms form singularly and occasionally together in clusters on a neat continual blooming bushy and vigorous plant with dark green foliage. Learn More
  • Singin' The Blues

    With an exceptional citrus and verbena fragrance, this rose shows off deep lavender blooms with a light lavender reverse. The large pointed buds open to cupped blooms that 3.5” in diameter on average. They grow in small clusters and have an expanded bloom form. This bush, upright plant has semi-glossy, medium green foliage and grows between 5’-6’ with a width of 2’-3’. Singin’ the Blues should not be pruned heavily. Learn More
  • Summer Romance™

    This Floribunda will greet you in the garden with deep pink blooms of strong, anise, apple, fruity, rose, spice fragrance. Full are cupped with a quartered bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Delightful! Learn More
  • Sweet Afton

    Soft pink buds open into high centered, large double 5" blooms (petals 20+) of pearlescent-white with a pale pink reverse. The heady perfume is truly magnificent. A tall bushy continually blooming plant with dark-green leathery foliage. Learn More
  • Teasing Georgia™

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    A yellow 4-5" rose (petals 50+) of delicate beauty. The flowers are of a particularly pleasing cupped formation. The center petals are in the form of a rich deep yellow while the outer petals fall back and fade to pale yellow, providing a most pleasing two-tone effect on a continual blooming bush. The growth is strong but gracefully displaying the flowers nicely. A pleasant tea rose fragrance. Winner of the Henry Edland Medal in 2000 for the most fragrant variety in the RNRS Trials. Learn More
  • Tess of the d'Urbervilles®™

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    Large fragrant 4" flowers (petals 70) of bright crimson coloring. They are of a nice, deeply curved shape in the early stages; the petals turning back to give a less formal but still attractive flower. They bend over with their weight, to give an elegant effect. The growth is robust, bushy and spreading and the leaves are large and dark green. Old rose/fruity myrrh fragrance on a repeat blooming plant. Short, armed with thorns / prickles, bushy. Medium, semi-glossy, medium green foliage. Learn More
  • The Pilgrim™®

    An excellent pure yellow rose that combines unusually strong and healthy growth with 4" blooms (petals 60) of the utmost delicacy and charm. These are quite large and evenly shaped, with many small petals opening to form a flat flower. They have a softness of texture which is most pleasing, and look particularly graceful arranged in a bowl and a strong fragrance of Tea and myrrh produced on a continual blooming bush. Learn More
  • Tower Bridge™

    A great name for an English Legend rose. The rose is a sumptuous replica of the Victorian look. Old-fashioned formed, many petaled 4 1/2" blooms of light crimson that exude an exceptionally delightful and powerful perfume. An excellent cut rose with long lasting blooms to bring indoors to enjoy and perfume the room. A vigorous, upright continual bush with dark-green, leathery foliage. Learn More
  • Wanderin' Wind

    Hybrid Tea-styled blooms of light and deep pink, open wide and scalloped, with a rich, fruity fragrance. Height 5', Width 3', Petal 17-25, Zone 4-10 Learn More
  • Zephirine Drouhin

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    A climbing Bourbon that may be the most consistently blooming, large flowered climbing rose, with the added benefit that it is thorn-less. The 4" blooms (petals 16) are deep rose-pink, fragrant, and produced in great quantities on a continual blooming bush. Learn More
  • Alec's Red®

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    Beautiful, almost black buds open into large 6" fully double, globular blooms (petals 30+) of crimson to cherry red. Blessed with a very strong, rich damask perfume. A vigorous, upright bush with dark-green foliage. Learn More
  • Amazing Grace™

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    From Scotland we bring you a most outstanding continual blooming rose.The fragrance is magnificent and wonderfully rich, much like an expensive Parisian perfume. The huge 7", 80+ petaled blooms have an old-fashioned look and quartered centers. The color is a blend of soft pink and cream. The rose has everything: strong fragrance, beautiful blooms and wonderful foliage. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Angel Face

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    Clusters of extra rich, deep-lavender semi-double ruffled blooms with a ruby blushed edge are blessed with just about the most wonderful and intense perfume in a Floribunda. Rich, dark-green foliage on a spreading plant provides a wonderful backdrop for this favorite continual blooming rose. It is better suited for warmer climates, where it will bring out a lot more blue/lavender color as it needs a lot of sun to bring out the color tone to its fullest. Bloom size 3 1/2" with 25-30 petals. Learn More
  • Apothecary's Rose

    Large, semi-double 3-4" blooms (petals 12-18) of light red, opening to show a golden center, produced profusely on a nicely formed once blooming plant with grey-green foliage. Fragrant and shade tolerant. One of the antiquities of Rosedom. Used for medicinal purposes in Medieval times. Learn More
  • April Love™

    Most outstanding both in flower and fragrance to rival the finest of Mr. Austin's creations. Elegant 4-5" blooms of a lovely shade of soft sweet pink that are fully double and cupped. The impressive blossoms perfume the air with the exquisite fragrance of fruity myrrh. The flowers are produced in profusion on a vivacious, continual blooming, spreading bush whose rich dark green foliage provides a perfect backdrop for the exquisite flowers. Learn More
  • Barbra Streisand

    Long, shapely pointed buds open into classic blooms which are fully double. Their color is deep lavender blushed purple. The old rose citrus fragrance from just one stem has been known to fill a room with its old rose/citrus perfume. You will also love the glossy green foliage. Learn More
  • Berolina™®

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    Long lasting, lemon yellow blooms with a touch of red on an upright, vigorous, well branched bush are excellent for cutting and have a wonderful tea rose fragrance. Foliage is dark green with very good resistance to mildew and blackspot. Gold Medal Winner in international competitions. 24+ petals Learn More
  • Big Purple®

    With an intense fragrance that rivals the best this strong upright well foliaged continual blooming plant with mid green foliage produces 6" blooms. Learn More
  • Blush Damask

    Light pink with a strong myrrh fragrance. Learn More
  • Bride's Dream

    Heirloom Roses is no longer offering this rose for purchase. To view our collection of Kordes® Roses, click here.

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  • Brother Cadfael®

    The double,deeply cupped light pink flowers are among the largest of any Austin rose and make wonderful arrangements. The strong fragrance marks this as one of the best. Named for a character in the popular English murder mystery series once shown on PBS stations. If you love very large fragrant rose blooms 'Brother Cadfael' is the rose for you. The giant truly globular, peony-shaped blooms are soft pink with darker pink centers. They are produced on a sturdy, bushy plant with flowers and leaves in proportion. In the heat of summer the blooms may be somewhat smaller. Learn More
  • California Dreamin'™

    Each bloom features 28-35 cream petals with pink edges and is accompanied by a strong, citrus fragrance. The blooms have an average diameter of 5", are very full and large, borne mostly solitary, and have a high-centered bloom form. This medium-sized bushy rose may be grown in containers, used for beds and borders. Repeat blooming. Learn More
  • Chrysler Imperial

    Lovely, long pointed buds open to globular flowers of dark velvety red. The 4-5” blooms contain a strong citrus scent . A must in any flower arrangements. The bush is nicely shaped with semi-glossy foliage. Over 50 years old yet still a great rose. Winner of the American Rose Society's "James Alexander Gamble Rose Fragrance Award." Only a handful of roses has won this award. All American Winner 1953 and Gold Medal Portland. Learn More
  • Claire Austin

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    A beautiful, arching bush with gorgeous very full, globular cupped 3.5" nearly white blooms. This repeat bloomer will provide you with amazing fragrance in several flushes through the growing season. A grand upright blooming beauty that you will love in your own garden. petal count 41+, good for zones 6-10. Additional photos of ‘Claire Austin' are available on HelpMeFind Learn More
  • Comte de Chambord

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    Stunning old-fashioned blooms that start bright pink and age to lilac-mauve pink. The 3 1/2" flowers open flat, quartered and are very fragrant on an upright plant with light green foliage. This is the old garden rose that has everything, and could be taken for a David Austin English rose with it's wonderful blooms and repeat flowering. Plant this one near the path so you can inhale it's fragrance. Learn More
  • Deep Secret

    Virtually black buds produce one of the darkest of all red roses. The large, nearly perfect blooms finish deep crimson having an outstanding fragrance and set off by dark glossy green foliage on a continual blooming plant. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Discovery™

    A compact, heavily blooming 4" rose that works magic in the garden whether large or small. Very large, deeply-cupped blooms with 50+ petals, have a delightful old-fashioned form. An upright dense bush of lime-green foliage that is continually in bloom setting off the soft pink flowers to perfection. Learn More
  • Distant Thunder™

    Bred from 'Distant Drums'. The 4" blooms are much like those of its parent having blooms of lavender/pink , 26-40 petals, with hints of brown and gold. This one is extremely fragrant with a fruity, myrrh fragrance. They are produced in profusion on a compact, very bushy plant with foliage to the ground. The new foliage is a rich, reddish bronze aging to deep olive-green with red veins and serrated red edges. Continually blooming through the growing season. Learn More
  • Duchesse de Montebello

    Fragrant, fully double blooms of delicate, soft pink on a nice, upright, spreading plant with light green foliage. Once Bloomer, Zones 4-10 Learn More
  • Dupuy Jamain

    Bred in France by the founder of one of the oldest horticultural establishments in Paris. Extremely fragrant, beautiful, 4" double, high-centered blooms (petals 35+)of cerise-red. They are produced on a repeat blooming plant. Learn More
  • Ebb Tide™

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    Dusky deep purple buds with a swirling center open into very double, old fashioned 3 1/2" flowers (petals 35+) that settle to a haze of sultry smoke. So intensely clove scented that you could lose your balance while enjoying it. In certain conditions, Ebb Tide can start with pinker hues but will develop into purple after more bloom cycles. Repeat bloomer. Learn More
  • Electron®

    Large, classically formed, fully double buds and 5-6" blooms (petals 36+) of shocking pink with exhibition form. Intensely fragrant. Large dark green glossy foliage. An upright, repeat blooming bushy plant. Winner of many awards; AARS 1973, Gold medal winner at Belfast, Ireland. Portland Oregon, The Hague, Holland, and the Royal National Rose Society's Gold Medal in 1969. Learn More
  • English Miss

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    Beautiful, classically shaped 4" blooms (petals 24+) of soft, blush pink, which are produced in large sprays, and blessed with a wonderful sweet perfume. Excellent for cutting. Peter Beales calls it a rose of quality and dignity. Purple to dark green foliage shows the blooms to the utmost. Learn More
  • Evelyn™®

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    Large 5" flowers of perfect shallow-cupped formation (petals 70+) having numerous petals gradually re-curving to form a rosette shape of a lovely sheeny apricot-yellow, which can vary according to the season. Named for the English perfume firm on Crab-tree and Evelyn, who use it for their range of rose perfumes. Learn More
  • Fair Bianca®™

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    Exquisitely beautiful, fully double 3" cupped blooms (petals 60) of purest white with a small green center, not unlike 'Mme. Hardy'. Add to this a strong myrrh fragrance and you have near perfection. A compact, upright repeat blooming plant that is ideal for garden or patio in a pot. Learn More
  • Francis Dubreuil

    Named for a gentleman rose breeder who started as a tailor in Lyon, France. Unique, many petaled, very dark red 4" blooms (petals 60+) with great fragrance. Care must be taken to guard against mildew and black spot, however the scent is intoxicating. Learn More
  • Frédéric Mistral™®

    Lovely classic buds open into equally perfect blooms of delicate, soft pink. The fully double 4 1/2" blooms (petals 40+) are blessed with an extremely strong and breathtakingly delicious, sweet, old-rose perfume. The continual blooming plant is very vigorous with rich green, semi-glossy foliage. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Generosity™

    Peachy pink petals that darken toward the center cover this rose bush from top to bottom. The strong fruity myrrh fragrance and good cutting stems make this a great rose for the bouquet or garden. Classically formed 4" blooms (petals 45) stand out against its medium green, disease resilient foliage. Continuous blooming. Learn More
  • Gloire de Guilan

    Light Pink, exceptionally fragrant once-bloomer in spring to early summer. Winter hardy from zones 4-10. Petal count 26-40. Learn More
  • Hansa

    Crimson-purple blooms that are extremely fragrant, followed by a prolific hip display. A more compact rugosa for smaller gardens. Repeat blooming. Learn More
  • Jacqueline du Pré

    A shrub rose from Harkness of England. Named for a concert cellist who died very young. Clusters of charming, elegant semi-double, milk-white 3" blooms (petals 15) that open to show their rich wine-colored center. Blessed with wonderful musk perfume. A very easy to grow, upright continual blooming plant that will flourish even under poor conditions. Learn More
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  • Jacques Cartier

    Large, magnificent 4" blooms (petals 80+) of great old-rose character. Rich, clear, pink flowers, which are fully double and quartered, open to show a green eye. Add outstanding fragrance to all this. An upright repeat blooming bushy plant with medium-green foliage. Learn More
  • James Mitchell

    Tidy, rounded flowers, very double opening flat, soft pink. Rather unusual, with a very strong scent. Louise first saw this in England several years ago and fell in love with its beauty and marvelous scent. Learn More
  • Jude The Obscure™®

    7 Review(s)
    Named for the 19th century novel by Thomas Hardy. Blessed with magnificent fragrance, 'Jude the Obscure' 4" blooms (petals 40+) are large, cupped, old-fashioned, and of the highest quality and beauty. A lovely shade of rich, soft apricot, the outer petals of the fully double blooms may show a blush of pale yellow. Very free flowering, the blooms are produced on a strong, vigorous, well-shaped bush with mid-green foliage. It received the Corona Regina Teodelinda Perfume Award in Monza, Italy. Mr. Austin says "'Jude the Obscure' produces some of the most superb blooms you have ever seen" with the added benefit of its lovely, strong and unusual fragrance of lemon/myrrh and peach. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Kaffe Fassett

    A floribunda with an unusual shade of pink and lilac undertones. This free-flowering, exceptionally fragrant rose does well in poor weather. Learn More
  • La Reine

    Large, globular buds open into fully double, 4" cupped blooms (petals 40+) of silvery pink with undertones of lilac on a small bush (for its class.) Wonderfully fragrant. Repeat blooming upright and well foliaged plant. Very popular. One of the first Hybrid Perpetuals. Learn More
  • La Ville de Bruxelles

    A damask rose. One of the most sublime of old roses. Huge, fully double, quartered 3-4" blooms (petals 40+) of purest pink. Very fragrant. 'La Ville de Bruxelles' produces one of the largest blooms among the old roses. Strong, once blooming upright, spreading plant with great foliage. Learn More
  • Lady Ashe

    From our English friend, Peter Beales, we bring you 'Lady Ashe'. An ideal climbing pillar or shrub rose that has everything going for it. Outstanding fragrance, beauty of bloom and a wonderful disease-resistant plant. The fully double blooms are a subtle shade of peachy pink. Shiny, leathery, rich, deep green foliage provides the perfect background for the lovely blooms. Continual blooming, very disease resistant and hardy climber zones 5-10. Learn More
  • Lady Mitchell™

    Large, 5-6" fully double blooms of a lovely shade of deep pink to rose red. A real beauty for cutting. The well formed blooms (petals 35+) have a strong perfume and are borne in good numbers. 'Lady Mitchell' has it all: rich coloring, fragrance, beautiful flowers and profusion of bloom. All this on a continual blooming compact plant with rich, dark green, glossy, leathery foliage. Learn More
  • Laneii

    Deep pink to crimson showing on this heavily mossed rose. Boasting all it's beauty and an exceptional fragrance too, this is a fantastic rose to have in your garden. Double blooms and good for zones 5-10. Learn More
  • Magnificent Perfume™

    3 Review(s)
    With a strength of perfume to rival the classics 'Maiden's Blush', 'Mme. Isaac Pereire' and others. Large old-fashioned 4" blooms (petals 50+) of soft-pink shading to apricot at their center. It's fragrance is that of an expensive perfume, both sweet and fresh. A vigorous continual blooming plant with rich, green foliage. Learn More
  • Memorial Day™

    6 Review(s)
    Lovely orchid pink hybrid tea rose with enormous old-fashioned full 5-6" flowers (petals 50+) saturated with super-strong classic old rose fragrance. Long, low-throned stems are lushly adorned with clean green leaves on a continual blooming plant. Just one flower perfumes an entire room. All-American Award winner. Learn More
  • Mister Lincoln®

    4 Review(s)
    A very well-known hybrid tea. Long pointed buds open into large, well-formed, long stemmed, fully double 4" blooms (petals 24+) of velvety, deep red. The velvety texture of the bloom is almost unbelievable. 'Mr. Lincoln' has outstandingly strong damask fragrance that seduces the senses. A vigorous, tall, upright continual blooming bush with dark green foliage. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Mme Isaac Pereire

    5 Review(s)
    Old rose perfume exudes from the 4", old-fashioned blooms (petals 100) of dark, raspberry-purple. All this on a vigorous repeat blooming bush that may be grown as a short climber. If there were a class in rose shows for fragrance (and there should be), 'Mme Isaac Pereire' would be the star performer. Learn More
  • Mme Plantier

    This variety is a hybrid alba (crosse with a noisette). An outstandingly fragrant, fully double, medium size pompon blooms of rich, creamy white. Borne in great profusion early in the season. A large graceful arching bush that may be trained as a climber. Not for the small garden but wonderful if you have the room. Once blooming. Learn More
  • Mrs. Doreen Pike

    From David Austin comes this beautiful rugosa with all the charm and fragrance of an English rose. The flowers are quite large and double with a ruffled, rosette form in a lovely shade of warm pink. The growth is ideal, low and slightly dome shaped, neat and bushy. Plentiful, pale green foliage. Very fragrant. An ideal border plant for winter hardy hedges or as a single specimen plant. Repeat Bloom, Bloom 4", Petals 35+, Zones 4-9 Learn More
  • Oso Easy™

    An easy to grow, disease resistant ground cover rose that covers itself with fragrant, single pink 1 1/2" flowers (petals 4-8) with glossy foliage. Use this low growing, ground hugging rose to cover large areas, banks or other difficult locations. Plant at least 2' apart. Learn More
  • Peter Beales™

    1 Review(s)
    We named this lovely shrub rose to honor a wonderful English gentleman who is the world's expert on old roses. Peter spent a week with us one summer. While walking through our rose gardens Peter greatly admired a new seedling variety. I proposed that we name it for him to which he excitedly agreed. Nicely perfumed, single, striking rich crimson-red blooms with a pronounced golden eye literally cover the rounded, densely foliage bush all season. Its rich, dark green foliage provides a perfect contrasting background for the lovely blooms. Peter asked that bud-wood be sent to him in England where he is now starting to grow the rose. Peter Beales is part of our Easy PZ collection. 3' Bloom, 5-8 Petals, Continual Blooming Learn More
  • Purple Pavement

    Violet-mauve, semi-double blooms with golden centers produced in clusters, with red hips in the fall. There are 37 buds and blooms on the bush as I write this in September. The finest of the more compact rugosas in our garden. Finally a wonderful, fragrant rugosa for the small garden or a low hedge. Outstanding. Repeat blooming. Learn More
  • Queen Bee

    Deepest dark-red buds open to double 5" blooms (petals 30-40) of velvety dark-red that when fully open show a large center of some of the most beautiful rich golden stamens in rose-dom. Lovely strong old rose and raspberry fragrance. Bushy continual blooming plant well foliaged with large leathery deep-green leaves. Winter hardy in Iowa without protection. Learn More
  • Red Masterpiece®

    Bred from 'Chrysler Imperial' by Bill Warriner, one of the great rose breeders. Rich, crimson, red large, classically shaped 5" blooms (petals 24+) produced on an upright continual blooming plant with large, deep green, leathery foliage. Learn More
  • Reine Des Violettes

    Fully double, old rose 4" blooms (petals 60+) which open flat and quartered are filled with velvety petals of rich, deep violet purple. Marvelous heady fragrance. Peter Beales says that this is his favorite of all the Hybrid Perpetuals. A large, upright repeat blooming bush with grey-green foliage. Virtually thorn-less. One of the most sought after old roses. Learn More
  • Rosa Damascena Semperflorens (Autumn Damask)

    Very fragrant medium pink semi-double blooms produced in clusters on a spreading plant with grey-green foliage. Learn More
  • Rose de Rescht

    Old-fashioned, fully double (petals 50+) blooms of elegant fuchsia-crimson blessed with wonderful fragrance. A compact repeat blooming plant with medium-green foliage with red edges when young. Learn More
  • Royal William

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  • Salet

    An elegant, well-foliaged shrub. The finest of the repeat blooming moss roses. It has everything going for it. Fully double, bright pink 4" blooms (petals 50+). Very fragrant. Well mossed. Vigorous, yet compact. One of the few repeat blooming Moss roses. Learn More
  • Secret

    A nearly thornless Hybrid Tea of captivating yellow and pink color.Offers a strong spice, sweet fragrance. Beautiful cluster-flowered bloom form. Prolific bloomer with dark green matte foliage. A stunning rose! Learn More
  • Seventh Heaven

    An elegant Hybrid Tea rose with a bright, sparkling rich apricot-orange color. It flowers in profusion on a vigorous growing bush with glossy, dark green foliage. A great rose in all weather with good disease resistance. Learn More
  • Sharifa Asma®

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    A charming rose of exquisite delicacy. The double 4 1/2" blooms (petals 50+) are shallow cupped at first and gradually reflex to form a perfect rosette. The color is the most delicate blush pink, fading to almost white on the outer petals. A short, rather upright continual blooming bush. Exquisite sweet/fruity fragrance. One of the most beautiful English Roses. Outstanding in every way. Learn More
  • Souvenir du Dr Jamain

    A rare beauty. Old-fashioned, ruffled, cupped double blooms of rich, velvety black-violet(the color of port). Wonderfully fragrant. This grand old Hybrid perpetual may be grown as a shrub or climber. It needs part shade to develop its most beautiful color. Impressive. Repeat blooming and hardy zones 5-9. Learn More
  • Souvenir du President Lincoln

    Bred by the famous French rose breeders, Moreau-Robert and named to honor that great President in the year of his death. Attractive, fully double old-fashioned blooms of 80 petals whose color is a bright rose red and with a powerful perfume to rival that of "Mme. Isaac Pereire". A vigorous upright bush with greyish-green, matte foliage. Learn More
  • Stanwell Perpetual

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    One of the most hardy and beautiful of roses. A wonderful strong fragrance. A graceful arching shrub,well foliaged repeat blooming bush with grey-green leaves which serve as a foil to the fully double, quartered 3" blooms (petals 80+) of soft apricot to blush pink. Learn More
  • Sunsprite

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  • Tahitian Sunset™

    The splendid 5" blossoms (petals 25-40) start with high-centered orange-yellow buds that open fully to a peachy apricot-pink with yellow highlights. Strong fragrance. Repeat bloomer Learn More
  • Tender Blush

    Large, fully double, nearly quartered blooms of lovely shades of blended pink. A strong, vigorous, healthy, winter hardy, upright then arching bush that covers itself with strongly fragrant blooms for six weeks or more. Once blooming. Learn More
  • The McCartney Rose™

    This award-winning hybrid tea was offered as a gift to Sir Paul by his record company. It emits an exceptional, spicy fragrance and shows off pink, deep pink reverse blooms that sit against medium green, semi-matte foliage. The plant grows to be 3-6’ tall and 2-3’ wide. Learn More
  • Tropicana

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    An all time favorite hybrid tea with bright orange-red blend blooms and a fragrance to match its strong color and character. Can be prone to mildew and will require protection if planted where temperatures drop below freezing Learn More
  • Tuscany Superb

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    Large semi-double 5" blooms (petals 24+) whose color is a lovely deep crimson purple. The petals have a velvet texture and are accented rich golden yellow stamens produced on a once blooming nearly thorn-less plant. Superbly fragrant. Densely foliaged. It is at its best in the spring. Its blooms look unreal, like they are made of the finest porcelain. Learn More
  • Typhoo Tea

    Bred from 'Fragrant Cloud'. A bi-color rose whose coloring is salmon with a silvery white eye reverse. The classically shaped blooms have an intense fragrance. Petals 35, Bloom 4-5" Learn More
  • Ypsilante

    An excellent rose as a once-bloomer. Light green foliage is a perfect backdrop for the button-eye, quartered, pink/mauve blooms. With an exceptional strong fragrance this rose is sure to give you a massive showing in spring to early summer each year. Good for zones 4-8. And petal count is 26-40. Learn More

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