Climbing Roses

About Climbing Roses

Those climbing roses whose names start with 'Climbing' or 'Cl' are sports (genetic mutations of the bush varieties of the same name). They generally have a heavy spring bloom followed by scattered blooms throughout the season.

The individual blooms on climbing roses can be of a finer quality and larger than those of the bush form. Climbing roses whose names are not prefaced with ‘Climbing’ or 'Cl' are bred by crossing two roses. They generally have a heavy spring crop followed by a better repeat bloom and usually a good fall crop of blooms with a few exceptions. A few seedling Climbing roses bloom only once and are so noted. Climbing roses are a diverse group with many different heritages, which makes this a wonderfully useful collection of roses. Large flowered climbing roses differ from Ramblers in that they have fewer, yet larger blooms (4-6 inches in size) and are not quite as vigorous. Being so diverse, they vary in winter hardiness, generally climbing roses are hardy zones 5 or 6 through 10 except as unless noted.

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  • Agatha Christie

    Beautiful rich, pink Hybrid Tea shaped blooms that are lightly fragrant. A strong growing disease-resistant climber with outstanding dark-green, glossy foliage. Repeat Bloom Learn More
  • Alchymist

    Fully double, old-fashioned blooms of golden-yellow touched with orange. Wonderfully fragrant. Vigorous plant with shiny bronze-green foliage that may be grown as a shrub rose or a climber. Once blooming. Learn More
  • America™

    Bred from 'Fragrant Cloud' this continual blooming intensely fragrant climbing rose with pointed buds opens into fully double blooms of salmon, with a brownish cast. Very unusual, yet beautiful. Large mid-green foliage. Learn More
  • Antique

    A continual blooming, beautiful rose with many petaled 4 1/2" blooms of pink shading to cream. A vigorous, upright, narrow bush with dark-green foliage that is ideal for a free-standing pillar or makes a great show pegged. 50+ petals. Learn More
  • Bantry Bay®

    Bred from 'New Dawn'. High pointed buds open into attractive, deep 4" pink, semi-double blooms with golden centers. A vigorous,continual blooming, easy to grow climber with dark green, glossy foliage. One of the finest climbers. Highly recommended. 17-25 petals. Learn More
  • Blaze

    One of the finest and most popular red climbers. Bright scarlet, 3" semi-double, cupped blooms produced in clusters with a light fragrance set against dark green foliage. A continual bloomer. Learn More
  • Bright Fire

    Urn-shaped, high pointed buds produce 5-6" flowers of the brightest orange-vermillion on a vigorous, sturdy continual blooming climbing rose that makes a startling splash in the garden. The large foliage is dark green and leathery. 26-40 petals. Learn More
  • CL Gold Badge

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    A repeat blooming climbing floribunda. This is one of the finest yellow climbers being a sport of the excellent floribunda 'Gold Badge'. It covers itself with a profusion of double 4", bright golden-yellow blooms having a sweet/honey fragrance that open to show their deep-golden stamens. 30+ petals. The blooms have decorative scalloped edges, shown to great advantage against the pale-green foliage. The most profuse blooming of all yellow climbers. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • CL Iceberg

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    The continual blooming sport of the outstanding Floribunda, `Iceberg'. In the spring it is covered with clouds of pure white 3", semi-double blooms exuding a honey fragrance. 20-25 petals. Learn More
  • Cl Rainbow's End™

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    The gorgeous blooms are a bright chrome yellow trimmed with bright red edges. Learn More
  • Clair Matin®

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    An outstanding repeat blooming rose. It produces large clusters of exquisite, 5", semi-double blooms of clear, soft pink with deeper highlights having a very large center of the most beautiful golden stamens. Nicely fragrant and one of the most free-flowering roses. Petals 10. Learn More
  • Compassion®

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    Most beautiful, large 4", fully double blooms are a lovely shade of apricot, copper and gold which are produced in cascades. A profuse continual blooming climber that should find a spot in every garden. May also be grown as a large shrub similar to 'Westerland'. The marvelous honey/peach fragrance of 'Compassion' has earned it the RNRS winner of Edland Medal for fragrance. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Courageous™

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    Named to honor the courageous airmen of both the Royal Air Force and the U.S. Army Air Corps who served in WWII. Irresistibly rose/berry perfumed, many petaled old-fashioned style 4" blooms in deep rich red. Robert Harkness in his catalog gives it a fragrance rating of 9 out of 10. We feel that this continually blooming rose should find a place in every garden not only for the quality of the plant and flowers but for the symbolism of its name. May be grown as a shrub or climbing rose similar to 'Westerland'. Learn More
  • Crimson Sky

    Bright red vermilion. Fire engine red. Mild, apple fragrance. 38 petals. Average diameter 4.25". Large, full (26-40 petals), cluster-flowered, in small clusters, old-fashioned bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Learn More
  • Dublin Bay®

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    Bred from 'Bantry Bay' and 'Altissimo'. Here is just about the finest modern red climber with rich green foliage grown throughout the world. It is covered from spring until frost with clusters of beautiful, velvety red, semi-double 4" blooms and 12+ petals. Learn More
  • Eden™

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    Large, old fashioned, fully double 4 1/2", cupped blooms (petals 100). The blooms are an unusual blend of pastel pinks, creams and yellows. Vigorous bushy, well-foliaged, disease-resistant plant. A versatile repeat blooming climber ideal for many uses in the small or large garden for training on fences, trellises, walls and gazebos. Hardier than most climbers and of restrained growth. One of the finest climbers to come along in years. Learn More
  • Fourth Of July™

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    This is one of the most eye-catching and beautiful of all the striped roses. Large semi-double 4" blooms (petals10-12) of velvety, scarlet-red striped with white. The long lasting blooms are produced in large sprays and are blessed with a spicy/sweet apple fragrance. The vigorous disease-resistant continually blooming plant is clothed with sparkling, deep-green foliage that sets off to perfection the superb blooms. This climber may also be grown as a free standing shrub rose in cooler climates. All of these attributes add up to make "Fourth of July" an outstanding rose. Learn More
  • Ginger Syllabub™

    A vigorous continual blooming climber having amber colored 4" blooms (petals 70+) that exude an exquisite perfume on the breeze. Learn More
  • Joseph's Coat

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    We have waited many years to offer virus-free, virus-indexed plants of 'Joseph's Coat', the most strikingly colorful of all climbing roses. Large trusses of medium sized, semi-double 4" blooms (petals 12+) of cherry-red, overlaid, shaded and blended with gold. They open fully to show rich deep golden centers. A color combination that will catch your eye the minute you enter your garden. An upright continually blooming plant with dark-green glossy foliage. May be grown as a free standing shrub, pillar or climber. Makes a wonderful hedge. Very vigorous and easy to grow in inferior soil. Learn More
  • Lavender Lassie

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    Beautiful trusses of pretty lavender pink, semi-double blooms on a strong growing plant that is more upright than most Hybrid Musks. A wonderful specimen plant which is very fragrant; it is one of our most popular roses. May also be grown as a shrub.3" bloom with 17-25 petal count. Learn More
  • New Dawn

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    The yardstick against which all repeat flowering climbers are judged. In 1997 'New Dawn' was voted the most popular rose in the world at the 11th World Convention of Rose Societies. Silvery, blush-pink, 3" double flowers (petals 15)with nice form produced in profusion on a great repeat blooming plant. May be grown as a shrub, a climber or great for growing into trees. Learn More
  • Night Owl™

    Can you envision 'Sally Holmes' as a wine-purple climbing rose? Then you have in mind what 'Night Owl' will look like. Large clusters of sweetly spicy/clove fragrant 4" blooms (petals 8-12) come on quick and hold that deep dramatic color, with contrasting bright yellow stamens. Repeat bloomer. Learn More
  • Perpetually Yours™

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    Blossoms and blossoms of old fashioned 3" flowers of soft yellow shading lighter toward the petal edges cover this welcomed new continual blooming climbing English Legend rose from Harkness of England. Many uses for this new rose: pillars, walls, trellises, posts, arbors and fences. Learn More
  • Piñata

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    Glowing, golden yellow 3" blooms (petals 28) edged in orange and somewhat similar to 'Joseph's Coat' with more abundant and smaller blooms. Perfect for growing on a fence. The continual blooming plant has medium glossy green foliage. Learn More
  • Polka™®

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    The large, many petaled old-fashioned 5" blooms (petals 50+) are a blend of several shades of apricot and peach. 'Polka's' old-rose fragrance perfumes the air through the extended bloom season with an abundance of voluptuous blooms. Its disease-free, leathery, light green (almost lime-green) foliage is the perfect complement for the bloom hues. Learn More
  • Portlandia™

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    Named for the copper statue in Portland, Oregon which is second only in size to the Statue of Liberty. This outstanding continually blooming shrub rose or climbing rose has an old-fashioned look. Its many petaled 3 1/2 -4" blooms (petals 80+) show a rich golden apricot center which shades to pink and cream. The blooms have a fruity fragrance and are produced in good sized clusters on long stems so that you may cut one cluster and fill a vase. Dark green, leathery foliage. Learn More
  • Pretty In Pink Eden®

    Pretty In Pink Eden® exhibits all the same great qualities of the Eden® Rose, but is deep pink in color. It has slightly more petals than Eden® and is more fragrant. Pretty In Pink Eden® performs well on its own roots and is just as vigorous and resistant to disease as its parent. Learn More
  • Purple Splash

    Wine-purple and white striped, speckled blooms with a sweet apple fragrance are produced in clusters on nearly thorn-less canes. Learn More
  • Raspberry Cream Twirl

    This rose is the first striped climber with classic, exhibition-type blooms. The large, very full, cuplike blooms offer a deep pink with white stripes and emit a light apple fragrance. This robust plant grows to be 10-12’ tall and 4-5’ wide and has medium, glossy, dark green foliage that is dense and leathery. Its excellent resistance to diseases makes this a wonderful climber that can perform well all over the country. On top of it all, it is almost thornless, making it the perfect rose for cutting, gardens, pillars or high foot-traffic areas. Learn More
  • Sally Holmes

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    Large, tightly packed trusses of rich, ivory-white single 5" flowers (petals 8-12)with golden centers on a vigorous, continual blooming compact bush. `Sally Holmes' has proven to be one of the most outstanding shrub roses. It is now rated the second highest by the American Rose Society. A wonderful shrub rose that should be in the gardens of all those who love white roses. Over 60 blooms to a truss. Learn More
  • Summer Wine

    The delicately beautiful, nearly single 3 1/2" flowers provide an airy effect of butterflies. The petals of the lovely buds are a rich apricot-coral shading to gold at the base. They open to become eye-catching blooms with scalloped petals of soft coral-pink enhanced by golden centers with striking red anthers. A wonderful continually blooming climber, especially for those who love the beauty of single roses. 8-10 petals. Learn More
  • The Impressionist™

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    Fully double 4" blooms having 100 petals. The rich, dark, green foliage with a slight blue cast provides a perfect blending of hues. Its ancestral color palette includes lavender, scarlet crimson, buff and orange, tan to brown, yellow, pink, white, cream. Apricot, salmon, creamy pink, peach, coral, several shades of pink, orange red and gold. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • The Magician™

    As though right before your eyes, this beautiful new 5" bloom (petals 10-12) will begin with brilliant yellow buds and bursts with a multitude of colors ranging from yellow, orange, pink and red with all colors appearing on the continual blooming bush at the same time as if by 'magic'. Learn More
  • Viking Queen

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    A lovely winter hardy climber bred by the University of Minnesota. Large, medium-pink, fully double blooms produced in clusters with a look of English roses. Very fragrant. Leathery, dark-green foliage. Vigorous. An excellent climber wherever you live. The most beautiful blooms of any true winter hardy climber. Learn More
  • Westerland™

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    Magnificent, large, well formed 5" blooms (petals 20-25) of apricot, copper-orange on a bushy, vigorous,upright continual blooming plant with bronze-green foliage. We have to keep busy propagating this one because it is so popular. A truly outstanding shrub rose! Marvelous fragrance. Repeat blooming. Very winter hardy. Westerland is part of our Easy PZ collection. Learn More
  • Zephirine Drouhin

    23 Review(s)
    A climbing Bourbon that may be the most consistently blooming, large flowered climbing rose, with the added benefit that it is thorn-less. The 4" blooms (petals 16) are deep rose-pink, fragrant, and produced in great quantities on a continual blooming bush. Learn More
  • A Shropshire Lad®

    A large, strong-growing shrub for a position further back in the border. It is related to 'Leander' from which it inherits its vigorous, healthy growth and large, glossy foliage. The flowers are soft peachy-pink and of slightly cupped, rosette formation. A most reliable shrub that is easy to grow. Learn More
  • Abraham Darby®

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    Old fashioned, large 5" cupped, very fragrant blooms of rich shades of apricot at times touched with gold. 100 petals. The flowers are produced in good numbers throughout the season on a great plant with disease resistance. May also be grown as a climbing rose. Glossy green foliage. Outstanding. Continually blooming. Learn More
  • Aimée Vibert

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    White blooms and bright shiny green foliage, will climb as a rambler or it can be grown as a large shrub when pruned. Very Fragrant. Bloom 1 1/2", Petals 40+, Repeat Bloom' Learn More
  • Aloha

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    Fully double 4-5", 60 petals, symmetrical, old-rose blooms of rich, rose-pink with a slightly darker magenta reverse. Produced on a sturdy, upright plant with glossy, dark green, disease-resistant foliage. Excellent continual blooming upright climbing rose for gardens where space is a problem and also makes a good blooming shrub. Good cut flower. Learn More
  • Altissimo®

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    Large 4-5", single (7 petaled) blooms of rich, velvety, blood-red, accented by golden yellow stamens. A vigorous, continual blooming upright plant with medium green foliage that is similar in growth habit to 'Aloha'. Learn More
  • Apricot Impressionist™

    From Heirloom Roses own breeding program we offer a great climbing rose that is an addition to our "Impressionist" line of fragrant climbing roses. This continual blooming climbing rose has all the charm and grace of an old garden rose. Rich, deep apricot bronze buds unfurl into lovely, many petaled 4-5" blooms of a beautiful shade of apricot. May be grown as a large shrub or climber. Apricot Impressionist is part of our Easy PZ collection. Learn More
  • Awakening

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    Discovered in Czechoslovakia, this is an outstanding addition to the ranks of climbing roses. 'Awakening' is a sport of 'New Dawn' that produces fragrant, old fashioned, 3 1/2" fully quartered blooms of soft, silvery pink with a fresh/sweet fragrance on a continual blooming climber with glossy mid-green foliage. 30+ Learn More
  • Bougainville

    Medium sized, pink blend aging to lilac 2" blooms (petals 36-40) of very double form mingle with lacy foliage. Useful for growing on large structures where color and covering are important. Continual Bloomer. Learn More
  • Breath Of Life

    Hybrid Tea type 4" blooms of medium pink to apricot with a sweet scent, are produced on an upright repeat blooming plant with mid-green foliage. 25 Petals. Learn More
  • Candy Cane

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    A miniature rose climber that reaches up to 5' high. You'll enjoy each sweet pink and yellow striped bloom. Continual bloomer. Perfect for your patio, doorway or garden edge. Learn More
  • Candy Land

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    Rosy pink blend, with stripes of cream in large clusters, button-eye, high-centered bloom form. Large, glossy, light green foliage. Petal 17-25, Bloom 4" Learn More
  • Christine™

    Large 4" blooms begin as deep oriental orange-red buds changing to rich, very striking mandarin-orange, finishing as a smoky orange. Lightly fragrant, single flowers produced singly or in small clusters on a continual blooming strong growing, upright plant with dark-green foliage. 5-7 petals. Learn More
  • CL Crimson Glory

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    A classic, very old repeat blooming outstandingly fragrant climber of which there are very few. Large fully double dark crimson red flowers with a rich heady old damask perfume. Winner of the American Rose Society's Fragrance Award since 1935, only 10 such awards have been given. A strong growing climber with dark leathery foliage like the bush form. Learn More
  • CL Devoniensis

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    Also known as 'Magnolia Rose' and 'Victoria'. Blooms easily and profusely with buds that are tinged red and open to very large, white blooms with yellow centers. The inner petals are curled and there is a strong Tea or lemon fragrance. Brilliant dark green foliage covers the long canes. It repeats from spring until autumn. Learn More
  • CL Étoile de Hollande

    The classic among red climbers. This repeat blooming sport with glossy dark green foliage produces a strong scented bloom of rich velvety red. 4 1/2" bloom with 35 petals. Learn More
  • CL Mme Caroline Testout

    Wonderfully fragrant rose whose bush version lined the streets of Portland, Oregon numbering 50,000 plants. Imported from France for the Lewis and Clark Exposition in 1905. A free-blooming sport of the hybrid tea, Mme. Caroline Testout. Produces large medium pink high-centered roses. Learn More
  • CL Pinkie

    Technically a climbing polyantha rose. It is very at home grouped with ramblers. The rose pink blooms are cupped and produced in clusters with great profusion. The nearly thornless canes are easy to work with when training it as a climber, but it will also grow without support as a graceful, cascading shrub. Once established, it is very difficult to catch this rose out of bloom and the flushes of scented, semi-double flowers simply smother the bush in bright rose pink. Learn More
  • CL Winifred Coulter

    A sport of the bush rose; pointed, scrolled buds are bi-colored; silvery pink outside and brilliant vermillion-crimson within, the overall effect being of soft reddish mauve. Can have a hand painted look. Blooms have a spicy-musky scent. Learn More
  • Cloud 10™

    Cloud 10 is a vigorous hybrid climber that blooms heavily in the spring and continually blooms throughout the season. Its pure white, very full blooms (50-60 petals) are stunning, similar to English roses and are accompanied by exceptionally clean foliage. The cupped blooms are 2.25” in diameter on average and are borne mostly solitary in small clusters. On top of that, they are a gift to gardeners who struggle with diseases in their garden as they are fully resistant to blackspot and almost immune to rust and mildew. The plant grows to be 7-8’ tall. This rose does great everywhere, especially in the south and all areas troubled with black spot. Learn More
  • Colette ®

    The rose has a great soft pink look to it with an outstanding sweet fragrance, although some people consider it more of a spicy musk like tea or even closer to a damask. It will bloom continuously from May all the way until the first freezing of the season. The big blooms and numerous frills give it a great antique look. Makes a great cut flower. Can be grown on trellises, arbors or arches. Very disease resistant. Petals 135-140, bloom 3 1/4", Learn More
  • Coral Dawn®

    5" fragrant, pink, double, well-formed flowers are produced in clusters and repeat throughout the summer and fall. The darling oval buds open to reveal large and very beautiful well-formed blooms. Lax canes with dark green foliage make this rose easy to train. Learn More
  • Créme de la Créme

    From Douglas Gandy of England we bring you this wonderful continual blooming climbing rose with an old-fashioned look. Quoting Keith Jones of England from his catalog "the name says it all, large scented cream 4" blooms (petals 35) produced in profusion; growth is vigorous, the stems being clothed in large deep green leaves. Learn More
  • Crépuscule

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    Double 4" blooms of rich apricot with ruffled petals that open to reveal rich golden centers. This repeat blooming nearly thorn-less rose can be grown as a climber or a shrub. Learn More
  • Crimson Pillar™

    A bright red climbing rose from France. Its unique coloring is bright crimson red with a snow white reverse to the petals. At the moment I write this description I can't think of another climbing rose with its lovely coloring. A vigorous climber that covers itself with flowers in late spring and fall, having fewer blooms in between. Wonderful, glossy, dark olive green foliage. bloom 3-4", petals 25 Learn More
  • Dizzy Heights

    A red climber that should make its mark. 'Dizzy Heights' has double scarlet blooms that are produced in good numbers on a strong plant. The foliage starts out reddish and matures to a shiny, dark green. Learn More
  • Don Juan

    6 Review(s)
    Produces scores of wonderful large, rich, dark velvety-red, double, cupped 4" blooms with a wonderful tea/fruity fragrance. 40+ petals. One of the finest of the red climbers. Dark green, glossy, leathery foliage. Striking planted against a white fence. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Dortmund®

    2 Review(s)
    Bright red, with a white eye and somewhat ruffled 3 1/2" blooms on a repeat blooming climbing rose bush with extra dark, holly-like foliage. The flowers are followed by attractive orange hips. Learn More
  • Evening Light™

    Pretty clusters of 2" double blooms whose coloring is soft yellow and pink. Flowers are produced all season from top to bottom making a great display. Learn More
  • Galway Bay®

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    Trusses of old rose scented, deep pink 4" blooms (petals 20+) are produced on a well foliaged plant. Bred from 'Heidleburg' and 'Queen Elizabeth'. Learn More
  • Geschwind's Nordlandrose II

    A nice, thornless climber with beautiful cupped to flat blooms with no fragrance. Nice dark green foliage to compliment this 9 foot climber. Good for zones 6-10. Petals 9-16. Learn More
  • Gloire de Dijon

    Large, old-fashioned, quartered blooms (petals 40) of a color best described as buff-apricot-orange. Very fragrant. A strong climber with dark foliage Learn More
  • Golden Gate™

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  • Golden Showers®

    One of the most profuse blooming of all yellow climbers. Semi-double 4" blooms of golden-yellow with ruffled petals on an upright continual blooming nearly thorn-less plant that makes a good pillar. Learn More
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  • Handel

    Strikingly beautiful, well formed bi-color, double 4" blooms (petals 20+) of purest white edged strawberry-red. Carried in profusion throughout the season on a vigorous, upright climber having a light fragrance of clove. Learn More
  • Henry Irving

    A hybrid perpetual climber. Sir Henry Irving was the first English actor to be knighted. He was born John Henry Brodribb in Somerset and was well-known for his role as Mathias in The Bells. Beautiful Vermillion red climber with a glorious fragrance that will fill your garden or walkway with scent all summer long. Good for zones 6-10. Additional photos of 'Henry Irving' are available on HelpMeFind Learn More
  • Henry Kelsey

    With long limber canes and a trailing habit, this rose forms an attractive informal shrub but as a climber its beauty really shines. The disease resistant foliage is a dark glossy green tinted with burgundy to complement the large clusters of vivid red flowers. As they cover the plant from early summer until frost, the blooms are brightened by golden stamens and the air is filled with a rich spicy fragrance. The addition of small orange hips at the end of the season just add to our appreciation of this rose. Learn More
  • James Galway™®

    3 Review(s)
    David Austin describes it like this "A superb large shrub with long, slightly arching, almost thorn-less growth". This is a tough disease-free rose that is excellent for the back of a mixed border can also be grown as a climber. The flowers are 4" and full with over a 100 petals, with many shading to pale pink at the edges. There is a delicious Old Rose fragrance. Continual Blooming Learn More
  • Jasmina™

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    Violet and pink upper. Moderate, sweet fragrance. 70 to 75 petals. Average diameter 2.25". Medium, very full (41+ petals), cluster-flowered, in large clusters, cupped, old-fashioned, quartered, rosette, rounded bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Medium, rounded buds.

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  • John Cabot

    2 Review(s)
    The first climbing rose of the Explorer series, the vigorous growth makes it ideal for use as a climber. Its fragrant blooms appear in great abundance early in summer and continue until frost in a gamut of shades from orchid-pink to fuchsia-red, all complemented by lustrous soft green foliage. The lovely flowers are followed by attractive hips of orange. This is a wonderful, repeat blooming fully double rose, petal count is 40. Learn More
  • John Davis

    1 Review(s)
    Bred from `Kordesii'. The most beautiful of the very hardy Canadian Roses. Wonderful climber with double, sometimes quartered old-fashioned blooms of rich candy-pink opening to show golden centers. `John Davis' is such an outstanding rose it should be grown in warm climates also. Disease-free. Zones 2-9. Learn More
  • Kiss Of Desire

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  • Lady Ashe

    From our English friend, Peter Beales, we bring you 'Lady Ashe'. An ideal climbing pillar or shrub rose that has everything going for it. Outstanding fragrance, beauty of bloom and a wonderful disease-resistant plant. The fully double blooms are a subtle shade of peachy pink. Shiny, leathery, rich, deep green foliage provides the perfect background for the lovely blooms. Continual blooming, very disease resistant and hardy climber zones 5-10. Learn More
  • Lady Penelope

    One of the best small flowered climbers. It is perpetually flowering and almost totally free of disease. Blooms of salmon pink cover the continually blooming plant. Learn More
  • Laura Ford®

    Medium yellow, small double blooms with a fruity fragrance Repeats its bloom again later in the season. Learn More
  • Leaping Salmon

    Its name comes from the huge, double, salmon colored 4" blooms (petals 15-24) carried singly and cascading in clusters on strong cutting stems. Upright and arching canes with large, medium green, semi glossy foliage on a repeat blooming plant. Learn More
  • Mermaid

    4 Review(s)
    Very large 4" single canary yellow flowers (petals 5) opening to white are slightly scented having showy red stamens and are borne in clusters with glossy foliage and wicked thorns. A repeat blooming climber. Learn More
  • Morning Jewel®

    Well formed, medium-sized blooms of bright pink produced in excellent quantities through the growing season following a spectacular spring bloom. Add to this, great disease-resistance and you have one outstanding climber. Learn More
  • Night Light®

    The perfectly formed 4" blooms (petals 30+) are a blend of yellow and soft red with a slight citrus fragrance, produced on a somewhat thorny, continuous blooming climber. Learn More
  • Nymphe Tepla

    Carmine-pink, lighter edges. Salmon-red. Moderate fragrance. Average diameter 2.5". Medium, very double, cluster-flowered, in small clusters, flat bloom form. Armed with thorns / prickles, climbing. Very vigorous. Additional photos of 'Nymphe Tepla' are available on HelpMeFind Learn More
  • Open Arms

    More like a miniature rambler. Soft pink buds open into shell pink flowers with lovely golden centers. A spreading, arching, plant with attractive, glossy foliage. Learn More
  • Pele

    An elegant rose of great charm. Beautifully formed double blooms of rich creamy-white, blushed amber toward the center. The flowers are produced singularly on long cutting stems so that you may enjoy them indoors also. Dont' miss this one. Learn More
  • Pierre Gagnaire®

    Small buds open to single blooms of creamy white with hints of pink on the reverse. Bright yellow stamens complete the picture and the blooms are borne in trusses of 20 and more. Fruity fragrance, great disease resistance and constant flowering. Learn More
  • Red Eden®

    A great companion for the very popular climbing rose "Eden®". Perfect very large, extremely double old fashioned 5" blooms (petals 100) of rich, crimson red produced in good numbers on a vigorous plant with semi-glossy, dark green foliage. Learn More
  • Rosarium Utersen

    Named for a beautiful rose garden near Hamburg, Germany. A modern climber or shrub rose with wonderfully fragrant, many petaled, old-fashioned blooms of rich, deep pink. Profuse blooming, perfect for pillar or pergola as well as a shrub. Learn More
  • Royal Pageant™

    1 Review(s)
    A colorful climber of great beauty. Its fragrant 5" flower (petals 25) is a lovely blend of rich apricot amber and golden yellow, produced in profusion on a sturdy continual blooming plant with rich deep-green, leathery foliage. May also be grown as a free standing shrub. A most popular color combination. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Salita™

    1 Review(s)
    A vibrant orange-red rose that can be seen from across the garden. Tall and stately, upright canes hold the roses about large, healthy foliage. A great rose for cutting for the vase. Learn More
  • Sky's The Limit™

    Medium sized and ruffled, sunny, buttery yellow 5" blossoms (petals 17-25)cover this hardy climbing rose. The clusters will be abundant and re-bloom quickly making this a good choice for that trellis, fence or wall where you want a splash of bright color. Repeat bloomer. Learn More
  • Soaring Spirits™

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    Named to honor the victims of 9/11. This climber produces huge, showy clusters of ever-changing pastel pink, yellow and cream hues. Glossy, bright green foliage and nearly lime-green new growth sets this vigorous climber apart from any other rose. Learn More
  • Stormy Weather™

    Dark purple, lighter reverse, lighter center, golden-yellow stamens, ages to lavender. Going to be more purple blue in cooler weather. Cupped -to-flat blooms in clusters with a spice fragrance Petal 20, Bloom 4" Learn More
  • Swan Lake

    Magnificent, full double, hybrid tea shaped blooms of soft, pearl-pink on a strong, sturdy plant. Little known but one of the finest pink climbers. Bred by Sam McGredy of New Zealand at about the same time as Galway Bay, Bantry Bay and Dublin Bay. Learn More
  • The Prince's Trust

    Large clusters of beautiful cherry red blooms. 'The Princes's Trust' has one big advantage; it flowers from top to bottom. A vigorous continual blooming climber with wonderful green foliage. 4" bloom with 17-25 petals. Learn More
  • Too Hot To Handle

    Ruffled and bright, blood-red orange 2 1/2 - 3" blossoms (petals 25) show off against very dense, dark green leathery foliage. Can be grown as a repeat blooming large shrub or allowed to climb. Large clusters on long canes can be cut for the vase. Learn More
  • White Cap

    A rare climber bred by Dr. Brownell who was noted for breeding winter hardy roses. Fragrant, fully double, purest white blooms produced in profusion. A fine white climber with the added advantage for those in the North of being extra winter hardy. Excellent repeat blooming. Learn More
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  • White Cloud

    'White Cloud' may be grown as a climber to 8 or 9 feet or grown as a shrub to 6 foot with selective pruning. Lovely buds of crisp white open into beautiful, double blooms with eye-catching, rich golden centers. A rose of delicate, simple beauty in today's rose world where most interest is put into breeding more striking colors. Learn More
  • White Dawn®

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    Fully Double, ivory white golden centers born in total abandon, continuously. Gardenia-like. Long-lasting, dark foliage, nearly evergreen. Strong growing climber or large shrub. . Height 10-15', Width 6', Bloom 3", Petal 30-35, Repeat blooming, Zone 6-10 Learn More
  • White Eden ™

    A sport of Eden it has the same big, fat, old-fashioned, cottage-garden, globe-shaped blossoms, but in a soft innocent shade of pristine white that takes on a pinkish blush in cool weather. Learn More

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