Floribunda Roses

The Floribunda Rose is a crossbred flower that is loved for its hardiness in harsh climates, minimal upkeep, and its ability to have continual blooms. They are recognized for their familiar traits of stocky and rigid shrubbery with an abundance of color, fragrance and beauty. With these qualities, rose lovers will easily recognize this class of rose gracing landscapes in housing communities and public parks.

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  • Elina®

    Great in both size and beauty, the luminescent soft canary yellow blooms shade deeper towards the center on a superb,continual blooming vigorous bush. Bred by the old rose firm Dickson of Ireland. Winner of the Top Rose Awards of the in Germany, Ireland and New Zealand. The huge 6" blooms (petals 30+) are great for cutting and produce arm loads of flowers. An upright plant with glossy, deep green foliage that provide a perfect background for the eye-catching blooms. Learn More
  • Sea Pearl

    A tall, slender plant that repeats well. Blooms 3 1/2" Additional photos of 'Sea Pearl' are available on HelpMeFind Learn More
  • Colorific™

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    Large pointed buds open to show off 4-5" double (petals 30), high-centered blooms in shades of peach, coral and salmon. Warm sunshine deepens the hues to orange, scarlet and burgundy. Great for cutting. Deep green, glossy leaves on a continual blooming plant. Learn More
  • Singin' The Blues

    With an exceptional citrus and verbena fragrance, this rose shows off deep lavender blooms with a light lavender reverse. The large pointed buds open to cupped blooms that 3.5” in diameter on average. They grow in small clusters and have an expanded bloom form. This bush, upright plant has semi-glossy, medium green foliage and grows between 5’-6’ with a width of 2’-3’. Singin’ the Blues should not be pruned heavily. Learn More
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  • Doris Day®

    This cheerful rose will brighten up your day with bright, golden yellow blooms that pop against deep green, disease-resistant foliage. Not only does its color make your eyes smile, but its fruity and sweet spice fragrance will make your nose happy. This elegant, upright bush is 3-4’ tall and features high-centered buds that open to large, full blooms (50 petals) with old-fashioned rose form. It is continually blooming and the petals stay yellow until it drops. Learn More
  • Betty Prior

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    A rose from the past that still holds its beauty. Bold, medium pink 4" blooms sit high atop the canes and resemble a gathering of butterflies. Disease resistant, dark green foliage and a pleasant fragrance add to its beauty. Continual bloom Learn More

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