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Roses that are bred at Heirloom Roses are commonly described as being "effortless" by those who have experienced the ease and joy of growing our roses. Heirloom Roses was created by John Clements for both the novice and expert alike. With lush, healthy blooms and rich aromatic bouquets, John's goal was to create a wide range of quality shrub roses. They are wonderful cut roses and are perfect for the cooler months in most climates.

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  • Garden Time

    A delightful white shrub that offers repeat blooms on long canes. Lightly fragrant and approximately 3'x3', this rose will invite everyone to have a little "Garden Time". Learn More
  • Kateryna™

    A beautiful little shrub rose. Delicate, 2 1/2" blooms (petals 12) of soft, shell-pink produced in large clusters on a compact repeat blooming spreading bush with glossy, dark-green foliage. Excellent for the front of the border in perennial gardens or as a landscape specimen plant. Kateryna is part of our Easy PZ collection. Learn More

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  • Pretty Penny™

    Selected from our own breeding program 'Pretty Penny' is a lovely blend of yellow and pink having a nice 3" bloom, 22 petals. A tall and upright and very stately, the flowers bloom in clusters and singly. Healthy green foliage to the ground makes this a good hedge rose or as a stand alone shrub in the landscape. Learn More

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  • Antique Tapestry

    A unique miniature rose, beautiful long buds of burgundy and gold with exhibition potential. A striking beauty in the garden. Learn More

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  • Braveheart™

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    Beautiful 4", double blooms (Petals 17-25) with an old-fashioned flair the color of the richest deep royal red and a wonderful velvety texture. The luscious dark green foliage provides a perfect backdrop on a continuous blooming bush for the blooms. Learn More
  • Scarlet Velvet™

    A lovely English-style shrub rose from Heirloom's own breeding program. A truly beautiful scarlet, old fashioned, velvety red rose (petals 70+) on a compact continual blooming bush that is ideal for today's smaller yard. This wonderful rose blooms singularly and in clusters making it the perfect rose for the vase. Long-lasting. Learn More

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