Old Garden Roses

Old Garden roses are the predecessors of today’s roses. Some date back to the time of the Roman Empire when they were revered for their beauty and fragrance. Old garden roses have a delicate beauty and wonderful perfume not often found in modern hybrid tea roses. They are a diverse group from the stately albas with wonderful fragrance and great winter hardiness to the tender and lovely tea roses best suited for warm climates. Old Garden Roses comprise a multifaceted group that, in general, are easy to grow, disease-resistant and winter-hardy

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  • Baronne Prévost

    Magnificent, very fragrant, voluptuous, fully double 4" blooms (petals 40+) of elegant, deep rose-pink. The flowers open flat and are quartered with a button eye. An upright, vigorous, well-foliaged bush. Most outstanding. Excellent for exhibition. Learn More
  • Honorine de Brabant

    One of the most popular of the old striped roses. Blooms of pale pink to lilac striped purple and crimson are produced in great numbers in both fall and spring with a scattering in between. An excellent large, bushy plant. Blooms have a nice raspberry fragrance. Learn More
  • Lilac Pink Moss

    A magnificent showing on this once-bloomer, blooms of deep pink will last on the stem for weeks to make a great display for you. Keeping your attention when you smell this fragrant moss rose. Good for zones 6-10. Learn More
  • Old Blush

    Blooms are silvery pink with a deeper flush. Loose and semi-double (petals 9-16), free-flowering blossoms that has a fragrance of sweet peas, are produced on an upright repeat blooming plant. Originally grown in China before the 10th Century. Historically an important rose. Learn More
  • Boule de Neige

    Often described as looking like a snow ball, this charming rose displays small, pink buds that open to silky white petals that gradually pull back to form a ball. The fully double, globular blooms are 2.5” in diameter on average and exude a rich fragrance. The petals are medium to large full petals (26-40) and display a scalloped bloom form. The cupped flowers appear in small clusters on slender canes and repeat from summer through fall. Dense, glossy green foliage. Learn More
  • Louise Odier

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    One of the most beautiful and popular of the great Bourbon class. Fully double 3-4" camellia style blooms (petals 60+) of rich rose pink blessed with exquisitely rich perfume are borne in great abundance on a vigorous, bushy continual blooming plant. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Mrs. Dudley Cross

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    Thorn-less, upright, yellow Old Garden Tea rose. Nice yellow double blooms. This rose has a nice shape to the rose bush and beautiful pink blooms. Zones 7-10. Makes nice rose to plant near walkways, garden entrances or out in the yard. Additional photos of 'Mrs Dudley Cross' are available on HelpMeFind Learn More
  • Petite Lizette

    Similar to Petite de Holland in many ways. Has soft foliage of gray-green, coarsely and heavily serrated and plentiful in numbers. Deep rose pink, richly scented blooms arranged in clusters. Best planted in groups or growing in containers. Bloom 2" Learn More

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