Shrub Roses

Shrub roses encompass a wide range of rose types which makes them a very diverse group. It seems that any rose that does not fit another category becomes a shrub rose and in turn their winter hardiness varies. Many shrub roses result from crossing old-rose types with modern roses and therefore combine the best traits of each: repeat flowering rose bushes and a great range of colors from the Modern Roses, and the fragrance, wide range of flower styles, growth habits, and also the delicate color from the Old Garden Roses. There are some very useful roses in this 'Shrub Roses' group. Many Shrub Roses are good for screens, hedges, and mass planting. Shrub Roses also make great single specimen plantings. Virtually all shrub rose bushes are repeat blooming. Hardy zones 5 to 10 with some hardier, and some less hardy.

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  • Portlandia™

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    Named for the copper statue in Portland, Oregon which is second only in size to the Statue of Liberty. This outstanding continually blooming shrub rose or climbing rose has an old-fashioned look. Its many petaled 3 1/2 -4" blooms (petals 80+) show a rich golden apricot center which shades to pink and cream. The blooms have a fruity fragrance and are produced in good sized clusters on long stems so that you may cut one cluster and fill a vase. Dark green, leathery foliage. Learn More
  • Royal Pageant™

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    A colorful climber of great beauty. Its fragrant 5" flower (petals 25) is a lovely blend of rich apricot amber and golden yellow, produced in profusion on a sturdy continual blooming plant with rich deep-green, leathery foliage. May also be grown as a free standing shrub. A most popular color combination. Makes a good cut flower. Learn More
  • Clair Matin®

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    An outstanding repeat blooming rose. It produces large clusters of exquisite, 5", semi-double blooms of clear, soft pink with deeper highlights having a very large center of the most beautiful golden stamens. Nicely fragrant and one of the most free-flowering roses. Petals 10. Learn More
  • St. Elisabeth of Hungary

    Pink full (26-40 petals), in small clusters, old-fashioned bloom form. Bushy, climbing, well-branched. Medium, glossy, medium green foliage. Can be used for exhibition, hedge, landscape, pillar or shrub. Very hardy. drought resistant. Disease susceptibility: disease resistant. Petal 26-40, Bloom 3.25" Learn More
  • Westfalenpark®

    Heirloom Roses is no longer offering this rose for purchase. To view our collection of Kordes® Roses, click here.

    Named for the park in Dortmund, Germany, headquarters of the German Rose Society. Fantastic, clear, rich deep apricot 5" blooms (petals 18-25) that start from hybrid tea shaped buds and slowly open into old-fashioned style blooms on a strong growing, upright continual blooming bush with dark green leathery foliage.

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  • Prosperity

    Trusses of sweetly scented , nicely shaped, rosette-style blooms, of rich ivory, shaded lemon at the center, at times blushed pink in cool weather. The flowers are elegantly displayed against the glossy dark green foliage. Continuous blooming. Learn More
  • Pleine de Grace

    An excellent, vigorous and free-flowering rambler, that also makes a very good giant shrub of 10 ft. in height and as much across. Pure white single flowers followed by orange hips. Learn More
  • Warm Welcome

    Brightest orange, semi-double blooms literally cover the plant from top to bottom. Learn More

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