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100% Natural Mint Compost

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Mint Compost is exceptional at providing moisture retention in sandy, dry soils, while also rich in natural humus to help break up hard clay soils. Mint Compost may also be used as a mulch top dressing around shrubs and in other garden areas. When applied to roses, Mint Compost is a natural agent that helps to repel aphids, spider mites, and other damaging insects. Spread the compost evenly. We suggest mixing one 1.5 quart bag per plant in the topsoil or using as a top dressing around the plant. The 7 quart box is enough for five roses, or as using as a top dressing in containers or around the plant. The 26 quart box is enough for 20 roses or using as a top dressing in your garden. We recommend reapplying this product every 6 months. *Product packaging may vary.
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