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Type: Hybrid Tea

This rose can withstand intense heat and fights off diseases. Firefighter is an upright hybrid tea with small, semi-glossy, dark green foliage that provide the perfect backdrop to intensely red blooms. The exceptionally fragrant blooms have a high-centered form and approximately 40 large full petals borne mostly solitary. This repeat blooming rose is almost thornless, making it perfect for walkways, too. It grows to be 5-6’ tall and 3’ wide.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Alternate Name(s) Hacienda ®, Red 'n' Fragrant, Roxanne Pallett
Specifc ARS Score No
Bloom Type Fully Double
Breeder Code ORAdal
Characteristics Breeder, Cutting, Fragrance, Thornless
Specific Color Dark Red
Country of Origin France
Fragrance Exceptionally Fragrant
Hardiness Zone(s) 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°), 10 (30° to 40°)
Patent # No
Rebloom Repeat Blooming
Shade Tolerant No
Approximate Size 5-6' X 3'
Year 1998


Customer Reviews (7)

One of my most favorite roses!Review by Elizabeth
This is one of my most favorite roses of all time! (Jude the Obscure is the other one.). It starts blooming in early spring (I'm in Oakland, CA) and continues blooming into winter. It has long stems and the first bloom is typically more than three dozen roses! It keeps blooming throughout the summer (it got to 106 degrees last summer). The smell is so intoxicating. The color is very intense - a true red. I'm ordering a second one because you can't argue with perfection. (Posted on 11/27/2017)
Beautiful Rose But Make Sure You Are Within Zone For ItReview by Rich
I purchased Firefighter in 2016 at my previous residence in Northern MA. It performed well and was a focal point of my rose garden. Sadly, I had to move further sounth to Central MA (Zone 5A). I purchased Firefighter with the hopes that it would duplicate it's showmanship in my new location but it died less than a month after I bought it. I contacted Heirloom Roses and received a credit and decided to purchase another one but it, too, did not survive despite being planted correctly in full sun and fertilizing the rose with meticulous care. I decided to cut my losses and ordered some different reds that are more winter hardy (Mister Lincoln and Fiji) and are rated for my Zone. Both seem to be doing well so far. Too bad...because I really liked the way Firefighter bloomed at my old residence (Posted on 10/27/2017)
Delicious scentReview by Brittney
I've had to replant this rose twice and it has held on. It's always putting on new blooms and growth despite my inexperienced care. It smells amazing and the flowers last a long while after cutting. It tolerates the Florida weather wonderfully. (Posted on 6/9/2017)
A Perfect Rose Review by Dogwalker
I don't usually write reviews, but this rose is exceptional. I live in Tucson, Arizona and have had my Firefighter for five years. I didn't have anymore ground room, so it grows in a wine barrel. It is the hardiest rose in the heat, never gets any disease, and the blooms are not only magnificent, a classic rose shape and very long lasting, but the fragrance is absolutely to die for. Even the dried petals stay fragrant for a long time. A perfect Rose! (Posted on 5/24/2017)
Wonderful ScentReview by Samantha
I planted this rose last season. It was a late bloomer and a slow grower for me, but it was very much worth the wait. The blooms were huge and beautiful, but the most stunning thing about this rose is the scent. It has a very strong musky, sweet, fragrance. I could spend hours by this rose just enjoying the fragrance. It seemed to do well over winter (zone 6) and already has new shoots. I'm enjoy this rose so much I'm planning on adding a few more to my garden. (Posted on 3/28/2017)
Amazing RoseReview by ebk777
I live in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. I bought 2 for the fragrance in my front sw. yard. One died the first year as it was very cold that winter. The second has thrived in every way! It grows to 9' by the first bloom and is literally filled with canes and buds, that are one bud to a cane. I usually have to cut it back by 50% after every flush of blooms. It can have up to 4 flushes of blooms in one season. I think it could use some shade. The flowers are intensely fragrant. They can fill a whole house with fragrance. I have had this rose for 8 years and have yet to encounter any disease or pest. Many of the canes are over 1" diameter. I would not describe this rose as thornless by any means. (Posted on 12/3/2016)
A great roseReview by Anita
Loves heat, blooms a lot, no disease, smells wonderful. I'm in a Mediterranean climate so don't know how it does in the cold. (Posted on 11/21/2016)

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