Heirloom Roses 100% Natural Mint Compost, 5 Pound Bag

Mint compost is excellent for providing moisture retention in sandy/dry soils while rich in natural humus to help break up hardpan clay soils. Mint compost may also be used as a mulch top dressing around shrubs and in other garden areas. When used with Roses, Mint Compost is a natural agent that helps repel aphids, spider mites, and other damaging insects.

Spread the compost evenly for efficient use of the nutrients. One 5 lb bag is enough for five roses, or using as a top dressing in containers or around the plant.

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Do try thisReview by Roseykat
After discovering this product on Heirloom, I did some research on why I should try this. Yes, it is a bit pricey but I decided that I had some roses that needed some help and spread this around them. The vigor that followed was amazing. Description talks about insect repellent. I cannot speak of that as I spray for chilli thrips here in my Zone 10 garden, So Cal area. I used this around miniature roses last year. This year, I am trying to use this around all the roses. (Posted on 3/3/2018)

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