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Heirloom Roses Living Soil

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Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants, especially when it comes to roses. This soil blend was specifically formulated without any granular fertilizers to help keep your own-root roses happy while they get established and prevent root burn that can occur from other commercial potting soils. We call this blend Living Soil because it contains beneficial microbes called Endomycorrhizae, which help aid in transferring nutrients from the soil to the roots of your plant. Heirloom Roses Living Soil provides the building blocks for strong root development, which leads to vigorous, high-producing, and disease-resistant plants. Use as you would any other potting soil. We do still recommend planting with our Heirloom Roses Bone Meal and Heirloom Roses Aged Cow Manure to add additional nutrients for the roses. Since this product does not contain an added fertilizer, the roses and other plants will still need to be fertilized regularly according to specific care instructions. This product can be mixed with native soil or any other potting soil that does not contain an added granular fertilizer. One 26 quart box covers 25 sq. ft at 0.5" thick and will fill about two 3-gallon containers. Use the 1.5-quart bag to refresh your potted plants by simply mixing the entire bag into the topsoil and watering well.
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