How Our Roses Arrive


When you order from Heirloom Roses, you can be assured you’ll receive the highest quality roses that are true to variety, grown on their own-roots and virus free.

Whether you purchase our band or industry gallon-sized roses, you can expect your roses to put on substantial growth in the first year.

Band roses
Our band pot roses are grown and shipped in a container approximately 3"x3"x5" in size . While the plants are petite, they are healthy, hardy and will grow 2-3 feet in just the first year. These roses have all the same characteristics as the gallon-sized roses, except they are just a few months behind in size and age. With their strong, own-root system, they can also be planted directly in the garden. Within the 3rd year after planting, a gallon-size rose and a band rose will be the same size.

Gallon-sized roses
Gallon-sized roses are a great option for gardeners who live in areas with a shorter growing season, or those that desire a more mature plant. As it is with all our roses, they are hand propagated, grown on their own roots, hardy, healthy, and virus-free. They are nurtured in our greenhouse for a longer period of time than our band roses, which allows a larger root system to develop. You can expect blooms and 3-4 feet of growth the first year.

With a industry gallon-sized plant, you can expect blooms and a lot of growth in the first year. However a band rose will put on a lot of growth in a few months as well!

At certain times we may deem it necessary to defoliate our plants prior to shipping. You will receive your roses in a box via UPS, USPS or Fedex within five business days of your ship date, not including the ship date. The roses will be in their pots with soil-less media that is wrapped in plastic to keep them moist and cool. As soon as you receive your roses, remove the plastic and water them. We also include planting instructions on the box of every shipment to make planting easy and enjoyable.