Tips and Thoughts for Beautiful Roses

The garden design you choose will have an impact on the health of your roses so consider position and spacing not only for aesthetic reasons but also for practicality.

Keep It Simple. Focus your rose choices on select varieties that compliment one another. Take care and pay special attention to grouping different varieties or species of roses together as they may have different growth habits. Pay attention to foliage differences and choose those that will stand out in your garden, even when your roses aren’t blooming.

Get Inspired! Whenever possible take trips to your local rose gardens to view different varieties and applications. Keep your garden space in mind and take notes of your favorites so you can locate and purchase them when you are home. If it’s not a good time to visit a local garden simply visit our website at Our easy to use search features allow you to filter out color, height, width, fragrance, and many other important characteristics.

Be Practical. Remember, air circulation and at least 6 hours of full sunshine are important for growing healthy roses. Choose an area of your garden where your roses will receive sunlight in the morning hours.

If you have a larger garden area, you may want to group new roses in one area of your garden to form a separate rose garden. It’s like having a garden within a garden; which can benefit from the same watering techniques you are already using.


Consider Walkability. If your intent is to be able to stroll through the garden, you may want to choose more upright roses with strong canes that don’t droop or cover the ground. Being able to appreciate your garden without spending all of your time keeping your roses cut back will make your garden much more enjoyable. While you’re strolling, you’ll want to stop and smell the roses! Roses come in a variety of fragrances, so choose those that are appealing to you. Check out the fragrance selections in our search feature on the left hand navigation bar at

Create Sky High Beauty. Roses that climb are a fantastic way to break up your garden and add vertical beauty. Gazebos, arbors, and pergolas add a wonderful visual focus while your roses help take away the hard edges of such structures and add enhanced color and fragrance.

Extend Your Color Palette. Selecting successful color combinations can be the trickiest part of creating harmony in your rose garden. If you are not concerned with color balance but want a pop of color everywhere, choose roses with great fragrance and continuous bloom cycles in your favorite colors. If you are looking for a more harmonious blend of color, you may enjoy nice rose color combinations like purple, lilac, pink, and light yellow. Other nice color matches are coral, salmon, and bright yellow or red, pink, and white.