Properly Space Roses

Classification Description Amount of Space Needed Coverage (per plant)
Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora Elegant blooms on long, straight stems. Ideal for cutting 30” – 36” apart 6 – 10 sq. ft.
Floribunda Clusters of blooms on a shorter, bushier plant 24" –30” apart 4 – 6 sq. ft.
English Rose Double blooms having a wonderful fragrance and old rose look 36” apart 10 sq. ft.
Climber Large 4-6” blooms on stiff canes; use on trellises or arbors 4' – 5’ apart
Hedge Decorative or practical fencing, can screen too 24” apart
Shrub A diverse group of plants with a wide range of sizes 30–36” (Large)
24–30” (Small)
6 – 10 sq. ft.
4 – 6   sq. ft.
Miniature Has the same bloom structure and habit of a hybrid tea; great grown in containers 12” – 18” apart
Ramblers Height can range from 12’ – 50’. Space according to the structure they will be grown on


LS780-Carefree Wonder-3 Carefree Wonder planted along a fence 24 inch spacing