Gallon-Sized Roses Now Available!

A gallon-sized plant compared to a band plant is shown in the below picture. With a gallon-sized plant, you can expect blooms and a lot of growth in the first year. However, as seen in the second picture, a band rose will put on a lot of growth in a few months as well!

Gallon and band roses Gallon and band roses

Julia Child, planted as a band in May 2013 Julia Child, planted as a band in May 2013

At Heirloom Roses, we are always striving to meet customers' needs and exceed their expectations. Based on the feedback we received from a survey, we found that many gardeners wanted the option of purchasing our roses in a more mature stage. We listened to your feedback and are proud to announce that Heirloom Roses is now offering more mature roses in gallon-sized containers.

As it is with all our roses, the gallon-sized roses are hand propagated, grown on their own roots, hardy, healthy, and virus-free. They are nurtured in our greenhouse for a longer period of time than our band roses, which allows a larger root system to develop.

For gardeners who live in colder climates with a shorter growing season or for those who want to see more growth in the first year, our gallon-sized plants are the perfect choice. For gardeners who find joy in the early growth process, we will continue to offer band roses. These roses have all the same characteristics as the gallon-sized roses, except they are just a few months behind in size and age. With their strong, own-root system, they can also be planted directly in the garden. Within 3 years, a gallon-size rose and a band rose will be the same size.

Our gallon-sized roses are offered at $27.50 with $8.00 flat shipping. They will arrive at your doorstep in active growth and will be ready to plant.

Since 1979, our mission has been to provide the largest selection of high-quality, beautiful roses. With this new offering, we are confident that you will find our gallon-sized roses in line with the exceptional level of quality we guarantee. We look forward to hearing about your experience with our gallon-sized roses and are always happy to answer your questions.

Happy gardening,
Ben Hanna
President, Heirloom Roses

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