Our New Website Is Here!

Dear Valued Heirloom Roses Customer,

Since we announced our new ownership at Heirloom Roses last year, our dedicated team has been working hard to make improvements for our customers. We talked to hundreds of customers and identified what we can do to better serve our rose-loving community. Many of the changes we made have been behind the scene. We improved our nursery and growing schedules to offer larger, gallon-sized roses to customers who are in tougher growing climates. We changed our sustainability standards to ensure we’re taking care of our environment while growing the highest quality roses. Changes like these have enabled us to grow healthier plants, ensure more roses are in-stock throughout the year, and improve our customers’ delivery experience.

Today, I am excited to announce another improvement – the Heirloom Roses website has been redesigned and improved with our customers in mind. The new website is cleaner, easier to navigate while still offering a large selection of own-root roses and a robust library of rose-care information. Some of the great new features that come with our new website include:


  • 1. Shipping INCLUDED in all products
  • 2. “Back-in-stock” notifications to inform you of when your favorite rose is back.
  • 3. More mobile friendly so you can read articles, browse photos, and shop on the go.
  • 4. More high-resolution photos. We added more than 5,000 new photos to help our customers get an accurate picture of how a rose looks and grows.
  • 5. Customers can upload their own rose photos.
  • 6. As always, we still offer TAX-FREE shopping.


The most exciting change is the inclusion of shipping costs in all our products. This, coupled with our tax-free shopping offer, allows you to know exactly what your final price is while you shop. You will never be surprised by shipping costs, hidden fees or even taxes when you’re ready to check out. Even with this change, we are still priced competitively. You’ll find that Heirloom Roses offers the largest selection of high-quality, own-root roses at a price that is lower than many competitors.

We are so confident in our roses that we guarantee them to be healthy, grown on their own roots, virus-free and true to variety. We warranty our roses for one year from the date of purchase, as long as they are planted in growing zones recommended on our website and in our catalog. If your plant fails to thrive within a year, just let us know immediately and we will make it right.

We’re excited about these new improvements and are confident you’ll enjoy them, too. As we’re always striving to exceed the expectations of our customers, please look forward to more improvements in the near feature, including a larger selection of one-gallon roses.

Thank you for being part of the Heirloom Roses community.

With Gratitude,

Ben Hanna
President of Heirloom Roses