Blooms, Tours and Tornado?

Hard to believe that in a few short weeks summer will be here. Already June and with it some unpredictable weather here in the Pacific Northwest as well as some great blooms in the garden. We were shocked when the weatherman announced a tornado warning yesterday, but when the winds picked up we started to believe it. Customers headed for the sales cottage and cars to wait it out. Turning off the computers and making sure things were buckled down became the priority. We know that 57 mile per hour gusts are not a record but it was a little scary looking out the window waiting for it to subside. A few trees had to be cut back or taken out today as the wind broke some branches, which will make the front yard a lot sunnier. One plus from the wind and rain is that it removed the dust from the valley and we can all breath again. 

The gardens are starting to look great. The big pergola in the front with all the ramblers are starting to bloom. We have had first time customers as well as our old friends stopping by to enjoy the gardens and pick up a few roses. 

June brings with it the annual June days which this year will be June 20 and 21. A lot will be going on in the gardens. Tours, music some great barbeque will be enjoyed by many I am sure, as well as wine and chocolate tasting. Stop by to say hi and enjoy the activities if you are in the area. 

We had our first big tour today, was nice to see a bus parked in the lot and people following the speaker around. A wonderful group of ladies from southern California came to Portland for the rose festival, hired a driver and came out to the gardens for a visit and short tour the other day. They could not resist purchasing some roses to send home. So come on out to the garden, bring a picnic and spend the day, it is a great place to "stop and smell the roses". 

Happy Gardening!!

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