When planning your rose garden, or any garden at all, it is important to plan for the amount of space the rose will need, not the amount of space it currently occupies. We all want our roses to grow large and to be abundant in blooms. To do this, roses need the right amount of space to allow for proper airflow and to prevent diseases. It is also important to note that growth habits vary depending on the zone of your garden.

When you’ve chosen the new rose you love and need, determine its classification and refer to the chart below to decide the appropriate spacing your rose needs to best thrive.



Amount of Space Needed

 Coverage (per plant)

Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora

Elegant blooms on long, straight stems. Ideal for cutting

30” – 36” apart

6 – 10 sq. ft.


Clusters of blooms on a shorter, bushier plant

 24" –30” apart

 4 – 6 sq. ft.

English Roses

Double blooms having a wonderful fragrance and old rose look

 36” apart

10 sq. ft.


Large 4-6” blooms on stiff canes; use on trellises or arbors

 4' – 5’ apart


Decorative or practical fencing, can screen too

 24” apart


A diverse group of plants with a wide range of sizes

30–36” (Large)

24–30” (Small)

6 – 10 sq. ft.

4 – 6   sq. ft.


Has the same bloom structure and habit of a hybrid tea; great grown in containers

 12” – 18” apart


 Height can range from 12’ – 50’. Space according to the structure they will be grown on

Broad range