Linda Campbell

Type: Rugosa

An outstanding new hybrid rugosa shrub rose. Large clusters of true red flowers. Super vigorous.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Alternate Name(s) No
Specifc ARS Score No
Bloom Type Double
Breeder Code No
Characteristics Fragrance, Hips, Winter Hardy
Specific Color Red
Country of Origin USA
Fragrance Moderately Fragrant
Hardiness Zone(s) 4 (-30° to -20°), 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°)
Patent # Pat. 8199
Rebloom Repeat Blooming
Shade Tolerant No
Approximate Size 6' X 6'-8'
Year 1991


Customer Reviews (3)

A Wonderful, Hardy RoseReview by Three Mile Bay, NY
At one time in my life, I went nuts over roses and planted all kinds that people said were hardy. The ones I have left after years are William Baffin--a Canadian Explorer series rose, Rosa canina--a species rose also known as The Dog Rose, and Linda Campbell. I live in a harsh winter area, it can be -15 Fº and very windy and these roses stand and take it. And that's without covering them up at all.

Linda Campbell is a beautiful ruby red rose. Shows well from the road and blooms several times over the summer in large clusters. In an area like this, it's amazing! If you are looking for a winter hardy red rose, this is one you should try out. It doesn't have fragrance, but with that as its only fault, it's worth it. I've had this rose for probably ten years, and it gets better every year. I now have several more planted just to increase the show.

I've read that this is a cross between a Rugosa and a miniature rose. Sure wish people would keep making crosses like this for "the rest of us" that live in areas where roses are tough to grow.

(Posted on 7/31/2017)
Excellent red rose for a focal pointReview by Loggerite
Linda Campbell is a very healthy, fast growing, shade-tolerant red rose that will get big. It is a continually blooming rose and has a fast repeat. It has fewer than normal thorns, and is winter hardy to zone 5. It is very disease resistant too. Sadly there is no fragrance to this rose. (Posted on 5/7/2014)
breathtakingReview by CJ
I have grown Linda Campbell Rose for over 20 years. It is a gorgeous rose that blooms in clusters several times a year. as long as you deadhead the rose once each cluster blooms, new clusters will form throughout the summer and into the fall. One cluster makes a perfect bouquet. (Posted on 4/8/2014)

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