Ebb Tide™

Type: Floribunda

Dusky deep purple buds with a swirling center open into very double, old fashioned 3 1/2" flowers (petals 35+) that settle to a haze of sultry smoke. So intensely clove scented that you could lose your balance while enjoying it.
Repeat bloomer.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Alternate Name(s) No
Specifc ARS Score No
Bloom Type Fully Double
Breeder Code WEKsmopur
Characteristics Fragrance
Specific Color Purple
Country of Origin USA
Fragrance Exceptionally Fragrant
Hardiness Zone(s) 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°), 10 (30° to 40°)
Patent # 10478
Rebloom Repeat Blooming
Shade Tolerant No
Approximate Size 4' x 4'
Year 2004


Customer Reviews (21)

Superb, prolific, hardyReview by Amarillo Pete
This plant I had for 3 years and it is hardy (105 to 15 degrees) in Panhandle . The plant from heirloom this summer was potted up as we left town 2 weeks after it arrived and began blooming 4 weeks later and was in constant bloom until November Will plant next spring after overwintering in cold garage. Original plant bloomed until Thanksgiving with large clusters of very fragrant flowers. Superb plant. (Posted on 12/5/2017)
This rose smells amazing!!Review by Lil' Red
I've had this rose for two years now and I absolutely love it! However the flowers themselves do vary in color, when it's hotter weather they are more of a pink/fusha color and become more purple in the cooler months. It has such a wonderful clove-like fragrance and the flowers just keep blooming, you will not be disappointed!

So far it has not really had any real problems with disease other than having to trim it on occasions. The dreaded Japanese beetles have shown up two years in a row but seemed to have left my Ebb Tide alone even though they targeted other rose varieties right next to it; it might be just a fluke but I'm curious of anyone else has had this luck too. Highly recommend this rose! (Posted on 9/25/2017)
Beautiful and very fragrant Review by Ami
I got ebb tide as a Mother's Day gift this past Mother's Day she has grown into quite a beauty. I have had continued blooms all summer long. I did notice her color changed it was more of a magenta in the warmer weather it's the middle of September now and she is that deep dusky purple. I have gotten many compliments on this rose she is absolutely amazing (Posted on 9/15/2017)
worth including in your gardenReview by kathryn
Lucious color and scent---and easy to grow! If you love purple roses , this is worth adding to your collection. (Posted on 8/11/2017)
Doing fabulous in windy, cool valley of El Sobrante, California. Intoxicating fragrance. Spectacular shade of deep red-purple.Review by Chacha
This was a great purchase. It bloomed within two weeks of arrival and has continued blooming 4 months later. The rich reddish-magenta-purple color is so regal. And, that intoxicating fragrance is divine. I will be ordering this as gifts for friends and family. (Posted on 8/6/2017)
Beautiful!Review by Dolores
I received this as a gift from a good friend. It is healthy and beautiful. The love the color! Now if I just didn't have to keep a cage around it to keep out th rabbits and deer, it would be perfect! (Posted on 8/5/2017)
RomanticReview by Dee
Love the color and fragrance (Posted on 7/27/2017)
I like itReview by Abigail
I've had mine for about two years now. I live in Missouri, close enough to Oklahoma to be in it, and my rose is wonderful. I did have problems with black spot but all my roses did last year, it was really rainy and such. It bloomed beautifully! It smells so good and does make good bouquets with my other roses. I love heirlooms roses and won't buy anywhere else! (Posted on 2/9/2017)
Color *fades* to more purple, not lighterReview by Mina
Forgot to say that as the flowers age, they do not get lighter in color but more purple. Color does seem to relate to temperature too. (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Fish emulsion increases the size of blooms and deepens colorReview by Mina
I love the red-violet to a more purple color (usually not lighter), and the fragrance, which for me is old rose. I grow it in a large pot on my balcony. Earlier in the season, the flowers were smaller, paler, and didn't last as long. After a couple of doses of fish emulsion, it rebloomed quickly, and in much richer deeper color. Sometimes it matches Intrigue's deep red-violet, or is more purple.
Although I had a few problems with blackspot (Calif foothills) Ebb Tide didn't. (Posted on 1/31/2017)
My favorite purple roseReview by Barbara
Northern California, Zone 9b. Zero spray; I work on my soil. Yes, all my roses get a little black spot, etc. now and then, but I strip them and try hard to dispose of leaves. Ebb Tide comes back year after year and is a most gorgeous rose. It always looks great in any bouquets. It is the color that makes Ebb Tide one of my 'couldn't live without it' roses. (Posted on 1/19/2017)
Fragrant but I'm not fond of purple roses.Review by Vicki
Love the fragrance. The blooms are small and I guess that I just don't care for purple roses. Not my favorite. It did well the first couple of years but did not do so well this past year, the foliage all died and I've pruned it back all the way to the ground twice hoping that it will revive. Mine is planted in a whisky barrel and we did have a very dry summer.
I'm going to plant it in the ground and see if it improves this year.
(Posted on 12/31/2016)
Problems with BlackspotReview by Ken
The blooms are sort of small, but fragrant. It is a very nice rose if you live in an area that isn't prone to blackspot or you follow a rigorous spraying program. My Ebb Tide defoliated mid summer which is very early for my area. I junked it. (Posted on 12/12/2016)
Not that greatReview by Jonathan
I've had 'Ebb Tide' for about two years now. It's not a very vigorous rose and it is susceptible to black spot. In the extreme heat and humidity of South Carolina, the blooms are a fuchsia color rather than the nice plum color. The fragrance is a strong clove scent, which is nice, but I would not buy this rose again for my area.

(Posted on 11/28/2016)
I dream of this roseReview by MaryKayFran
One of my all-time favorite roses, and I love roses!
The best fragrance, the best color, and the best size. Easy to plan a spot in your garden for this compact bush. Plant where you will enjoy the fragrance.
Grew well in the Oklahoma City area, with highly augmented soil (where not much else grows but native plants without a lot of help).
Thinking I need some of these for my new house in FL! (Posted on 11/10/2016)
Enchanting delightful newcomerReview by Antoinette
Less than a month ago I planted six Heirloom Roses in my new garden. They are already forming buds and Ebb Tide opened fully today!!! And what a beauty. A deep dark purple black, fragrant delight. On the small side (but not miniature) and extraordinary. What will she be like when she's fully grown? Think I'll be ordering some more of these. It's an intoxicating addition to the garden. (Posted on 6/16/2016)
SurpriseReview by Pamela
Planted this bush last October. It is growing quickly and producing lots of flowers. The fragrance is wonderful. My color is varied. Some are smokey purple, some deep fusha and I even have one that is split down the middle fusha and deep pink, quite unusual and fun. Never know what I will get. I fertilize every month with Alaska fish emulsion. Vigorous plant and signs of disease or bugs. Very happy with this and others I have purchased. Live in south Florida will see how it does through the hot summer. (Posted on 5/4/2016)
Ebb Tide RoseReview by Sandra
It's November 25, 2014 and I live in North Central Florida, my Ebb Tide Rose is blooming like crazy, the color and FRAGRANCE are OUTSTANDING. (Posted on 11/25/2014)
A wonderful roseReview by Caroline
Ebb Tide is everything you could want in a rose: vigorous, fragrant, lots of blooms -- and that amazing color! Thanks, Heirloom Roses! (Posted on 5/25/2014)
i have two of these in my rose garden...Review by plm
My second year with them. They are loaded with flowers! I get many complements on them. (Posted on 5/24/2014)

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