2018 New Introductions

Heirloom Roses is now offering new roses! Some of these are old varieties from Europe that have never been introduced in the United States, many have been off the market but are being re-introduced, and others are brand new. More to come, so stay tuned!

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  • Black Forest Rose®

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    Black Forest Rose ® is an exceptionally healthy rose, producing a profusion of bright red flowers. The blossoms are rounded, medium, and double in size with a frilly and romantic edge. Moreover, it has been the recipient of a number of impressive rose awards, including: ADR 2010, Kortrijk Gold Medal 2011, Kortrijk Gold Medal 2012, Glasgow Gold Medal 2014. Learn More
  • Dominique Loiseau ®

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    Dominique Loiseau is a beautiful Polyantha from Delbard of France. The fragrant, semi-double, white blooms have prominent golden stamens. Sweet little pink buds emerge to white. Medium, semi-double bloom form, mild fragrance. A real beauty! Learn More
  • Apricots n' Cream™

    Apricots n' Cream™ is a vigorous grower with a pastel flower color of ivory to light apricot that contrasts well with the excellent dark green and glossy foliage. This variety has much better disease resistance than the average Hybrid Tea and is also much more compact in stature. It will rebloom in flushes throughout the season. Learn More
  • Take It Easy™

    Take it Easy, relax and enjoy life! You won’t have much work to do in the garden after planting this new rose for which NATURAL DISEASE resistance is a true statement. The dark green, shiny & healthy foliage is the perfect background to showcase the many clustering buds and flowers. Of a classic red color, this dynamite of a rose has ideal pointy and very elegant buds. The red coloration doesn’t go too pink or blue as the petals are falling away. A touch of lighter pink reverse light up the show of this blooming ‘machine’. And that’s not all. The plant’s excellent vigor and the naturally self-maintained habit are other reasons why you can Take It Easy! Learn More
  • Dancing in the Dark™

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    Dancing in the Dark has intense deep blood red flowers ageing to almost black. The double blooms have lovely fluted petals that take on a velvety appearance. A vigorous growth habit, Dancing in the Dark flowers continually from spring all the way through to late autumn producing stems laden with bunches of bright unfading blooms. Mild fragrance. Learn More
  • Karl Ploberger Rose

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    A showy bush with luscious and soft yellow blooms, that average 4" in size. Blooms are cupped-to-flat, and old-fashioned in form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Moderate fragrance and exceptionally disease resistant. Learn More
  • Moonlight in Paris™

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    Enjoy a romantic Moonlight In Paris. This lovely shrub is loaded with romantic blooms that age from deep apricot with a gold center, to a light pink. Moderate, fruity, spice fragrance. The old-fashioned and full (26-40 petals) cupped blooms, flower in small clusters. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Salute’! Learn More
  • Free & Loyal

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    Almost too good to be true. A huge white bloom carried individually on a strong long stem, remains unblemished from an urn shaped pointed bud to the very full petaled bloom, revealing a pleasant soft apricot tint and a strong rose fragrance. The sturdy bush grows upright and is complimented with lush deep green leaves. Free & Loyal has been named in celebration of Kingsmead College’s 80th anniversary. Learn More
  • Sister Emmanuelle™

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    The enchanting blooms of Sister Emmanuelle™ display breathtaking, lovely shades of lilac pink. They are large, very full, cupped blossoms overflowing with rich fragrance of vanilla, anise, and lilac. A strong, upright rose plant with dark green foliage that glistens in the sunlight. Take time to stop and smell the roses with Sister Emmanuelle. You won't be disappointed! Learn More
  • Wedding Garland

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    Wedding Garland is a beautiful white climber which grows quickly to form a natural garland of blooms with a steady and continuous supply of moderate fragrance. The cupped blooms are romantic and pure. A wonderful rose for cutting. Learn More

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